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Dog finds home after living in field for four years | Community Spirit

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Dog finds home after living in field for four years
Dog finds home after living in field for four years

For nearly four years a dog has been living in the field next Accra-Fab in Liberty Lake. Now, after years spent avoiding anyone who approached her, Ginger the dog has found her forever home.


“She'd just be wandering around here for the past four years or so,” said Accra-Fab employee, Kathy Cooper. On Wednesday, Ginger's new owner brought the dog to meet the people who have been looking out for her for the last few years.


“I've never seen her up close, she always books it,” explained Sam Young as she bent down to greet Ginger. “I used to keep a bowl back there and feed her. I used to leave it and I would see her creep up.”


That was usually the case with Ginger, she avoided all contact with the people who tried to approach her. Over the years different employees have tried to get close to the pup, but she always kept her distance and would run when they got too close. Barry Stewart used binoculars to get a closer look and make sure she looked fit and healthy.


“She looks healthy as all get out for living in a field for four years,” Stewart told Ginger's rescuer, Carmel Travis, this afternoon on the grass just next to Ginger's former home.


Travis is a certified Missing Animal Response Technician and works to find and capture lost and stray animals in her free time. She was trying to find a golden retriever in Coeur d'Alene when she was approached about a dog living in a field in Liberty Lake.


Travis, who lives in Pullman, drove to the field twice attempting to capture the brown dog. Using a humane dog trap and a double meat cheeseburger, she was finally able to get the dog to venture out of the field.


The original intention was to place the dog in a foster home, but it wasn't long before Travis had fallen in love with the pup's sweet demeanor. Travis named the brown dog Ginger, not for the color of her coat, but after the Gilligan's Island character.


“She's a star, just like Ginger,” said Travis. “It's very interesting to hear about part of her life from people who cared about her.”


Travis has been piecing together Ginger's life since she took her home on July 6th. A trip to the vet revealed that Ginger is a Weimaraner Lab mix, is seven years old and has a microchip. The microchip revealed that she adopted from the Spokane Humane Society in August of 2009. According to the Humane Society, Ginger had been voluntarily released to them from her previous owner.


Things went awry for Ginger when she escaped from her adoptive owner's car the very day she was adopted. Travis contacted the owner who has since moved to Montana. The owner said she looked for Ginger, but when she couldn't find her, she gave up. The field Ginger called home was less than a mile from where her new home would have been.


“None of us ever talked about calling anybody,” Stewart said. The Accra-Fab employees were worried that if she went to a shelter she would end up being put to sleep. Since she looked healthy, they did all they could to make sure she survived in her little field.


“She's too sweet to let got,” Travis said of her new canine friend. “She captured my heart.”

Ginger now calls Pullman home and is settling in nicely. She enjoys the doggie spa in the backyard and has been a great companion on a recent family vacation to the San Juan Islands. Ginger even has her own boat, only instead of a ship wreck, she goes home with a loving family.


“I wanted to make sure she has a great home for the rest of her life,” said Travis. “It's just one of those happy ending stories.”


A great home and happy ending for a tough dog that after years of living on her own is ready for the good life.  

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