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Spokane Valley dedicates first gateway sign | Community Spirit

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Spokane Valley dedicates first gateway sign
Spokane Valley dedicates first gateway sign

Spokane Valley May Tom Towey and the City Council dedicated the city's first gateway sign this morning in a ceremony on the northwest corner of Thierman Rd. and Appleway Blvd. The sign was built as part of the city's Ten Year Anniversary celebrations. 

The sign not only welcomes people to Spokane Valley, but also distinguishes the city to drivers as they exit I-90. It is made of lighted steel and wood and has the City of Spokane Valley logo on it. The project was originally budgeted to cost $120,000 but it was completed for $72,000.

"This sign not only serves as a welcome but also as a heritage of Spokane Valley...it gives them a glimpse of what we're all about," said Mayor Towey during the dedication. Towey's first thought when he saw they sign was community pride and he is grateful that community members selected a design that shows the city well.

This City of Spokane is hosting 10 year anniversary celebration events throughout the year including a "This is Spokane Valley" video and photo contest as well as monthly community recognition awards in which honorees are given a key to the city. 

For more information visit http://www.spokanevalley.org

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