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$23,000 worth of bee crates stolen

The Spokane Sheriff’s Office is investigating after 462 bee crates were reported stolen near Newman Lake on Monday.

The victim told Deputies that he stores the bee crates at the location and the 15 pallets containing 462 crates were missing. The crates are valued at $23,100. It’s unknown when the crates were stolen and there is no suspect.

Suspect says meth pipe was "gardening tool"

Suspect says meth pipe was "gardening tool"

News release issued by Spokane Valley Police Department: 

On March 18th, 2014, at about 10:30 p.m., Spokane Valley Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Spitzer responded to Fred Meyers at Sprague and Sullivan on a suspicious person call.  Deputy Spitzer watched a male ride his bicycle up to a vehicle parked on the south side of the store and contact the male driver.  Deputy Spitzer watched as the driver of the vehicle, later identified as 22-year-old Christopher Dahlman, hand something to the male on the bike.  Deputy Spitzer attempted to contact Dahlman as he walked away from his vehicle.   Deputy Spitzer announced himself as a police officer and ordered Dahlman to stop.  Dahlman ran into the store.


Employees inside the store said Dahlman ran out the emergency doors on the northeast side of the building.  Other responding deputies located Dahlman hiding under shopping carts outside the store.  Deputy Spitzer contacted Dahlman and told him he was under arrest for Obstructing.  Dahlman told Deputy Spitzer he ran because he thought he had a warrant.


Dozens arrested in multi-state drug raids

Dozens arrested in multi-state drug raids

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies fanned across the region Thursday and executed search warrants on locations in Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California and arrested 29 people on federal drug charges for manufacturing and selling opiates.

A task force of FBI agents, Spokane Police and Spokane County Sheriff's deputies have been investigating the alleged drug ring for more than a year.

Law enforcement agents served search warrants throughout Spokane early Thursday, searching for evidence that people with ties to Spokane, California, Idaho and Nevada were selling ecstasy, oxycodone, methamphetamine and PCP.

The execution of the warrants and subsequent arrests were part of a year-long investigation that culminated with the raids in an attempt to disrupt a large-scale criminal enterprise.

More than 100 federal, state and local law enforcement agents searched 20 locations Thursday morning, with the lion's share of the arrests in the multi-state operation made in Spokane and Spokane Valley. Authorities said the criminal enterprise, while rooted in Spokane, extended as far south as San Diego, Long Beach and Las Vegas.

Sheriff's Deputies searching for additional domestic violence victims of man behind bars

A Spokane man is behind bars, accused of four different charges against three different victims.

Twenty-four-year-old Michael McNearney Jr was out on bail for charges of second-degree assault by strangulation when he was arrested again Friday for counts of indecent liberties, theft, unlawful imprisonment and fourth degree assault.

McNearney was arrested today after a long-term investigation by Spokane County Sheriff's Office Domestic Violence Detectives. They were looking into possible charges of identity theft, assault, threats and other crimes that may involve over a dozen women in Spokane and Kootenai Counties, dating back to 2010.

McNearney reportedly met most of the women involved at local night clubs and bars, as well as social media and online dating sites. He often claimed he was an active duty Marine, but the US Armed Services confirmed has never been in the military.

New DNA evidence links suspect to 1990 murders

New DNA evidence links suspect to 1990 murders

Recently discovered DNA evidence links a suspected serial killer to two victims in a trio of cold case homicides that have gone unsolved for more than two decades.

The three women, Yolanda Sapp, Nickie Lowe and Kathleen Brisbois were shot to death and their bodies were dumped near the Spokane River and investigators say Donna Perry is responsible for the trio of killings between February and May 1990. Perry, originally known as Douglas Perry, underwent gender reassignment surgery in Thailand in 2000.

Yolanda Sapp was found dead with three small caliber gunshot wounds in the 4100 block of East Upriver Drive on Feb. 22, 1990. Nickie Lowe's remains were found with one gunshot wound in the 3200 block of South Riverton on March 25. Kathleen Brisbois was found dead with three gunshot wounds along the Spokane River, near Trent Avenue and Pines Road, on May 15.

There was a common scheme in the killings in that all three victims were known prostitutes, all three used drugs and they were all killed with a small caliber handgun.

Police bust Spokane Valley marijuana grow operation

Police bust Spokane Valley marijuana grow operation

Tuesday night police raided an illegal marijuana grow operation at a home in Spokane Valley where they found 273 plants growing in nearly every room.

The house is located in the 200 block of North Conklin. 273 marijuana plants were found in the home by authorities. To put that in perspective, the legal number of marijuana plants someone with a license can have is 30.

Police were able to make the bust thanks to some watchful neighbors, who told police they knew something was up because of several warning signs. The renters of the home were hardly ever there, the windows were completely blacked out and all of the cars that came to the property had Idaho plates.

Police arrested 21-year-old Cole Brown of Coeur d'Alene for manufacturing a controlled substance and are expecting to make more arrests as the investigation continues.