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WDFW invites public comment on proposed sportfishing rules | Environment

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WDFW invites public comment on proposed sportfishing rules
WDFW invites public comment on proposed sportfishing rules

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is holding a public meeting in the Spokane Valley to discuss three proposed changes to the state's sportfishing rules.


The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will be vote on the three proposed changes in December. WDFW is recommending the following three sportfishing rule proposals that would:


  •      Liberalize the daily limit for walleye to 16 fish on the waters of the San Poil River inundated by Lake Roosevelt (the San Poil Arm) to decrease the overabundant walleye population and to align regulations with those for Lake Roosevelt.
  •      Prohibit fishing from boats equipped with an internal combustion motor on a stretch of the Naselle River from the Highway 4 Bridge to the Crown Mainline (Salme) Bridge year round in order to reduce user conflicts.
  •      Re-organize WAC 232-28-619, “Washington food fish and game fish—Freshwater exceptions to statewide rules,” into multiple rules based on geographical area. The current rule is over 300 pages long.  Proposed modifications to the rule include making technical changes, corrections, and updates to language and restructuring provisions under an outline format for accuracy, clarity, and transparency for the public.


The meeting in the Spokane Valley will be held on September 3rd from 6-8 pm at the WDFW's Spokane office located at 2315 N. Discovery Place. Those interested in reviewing and commenting on the proposed rules can do so by visiting the WDFW's website.

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