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Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputy saves newborn | Families

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Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputy saves newborn
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Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputy saves newborn

A Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputy is being credited with saving the life of a newborn infant Friday morning.

Deputy Randy Watts was on patrol around 1:40 am when he heard a medic call explaining a woman had given birth at her home but that the baby wasn't breathing. Deputy Watts was nearby and has basic medical training, so he sped to the home and was met by the newborn's father who led him upstairs.

Deputy Watts could see the child was purple and not breathing so he began administering rescue breaths and chest compressions until the child was attempting to breath on her own.

He then turned the child over and began striking her on the back to help clear the mucus from her nose and mouth. Once it was clear, Deputy Watts resumed rescue breaths and color began to return to the newborn's skin.

During Deputy Watts third cycle of CPR, Spokane Valley Fire Department personnel arrived on scene. A Valley Fire Captain had Deputy Watts continue CPR while fire personnel and the midwife cut the umbilical cord and administered oxygen. Once the cord was cut, Deputy Watts carried the newborn to the ambulance and continued chest compressions while on the way to the hospital. About half way to the hospital the baby was able to maintain her heart rate and attempted to breathe on her own several times.

At that point Deputy Watts stopped compressions and assisted paramedics with warming the baby. Once at the hospital, the newborn regained all of her color, had a very strong pulse rate and was recovering well. Prior to Deputy Watts leaving the hospital the newborn was off the ventilator and on her way to a full recovery.


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