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Bloomsday Training Tips With Justin Rundle | Health

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Bloomsday Training Tips With Justin Rundle
Bloomsday Training Tips With Justin Rundle

We continue our series with Justin Rundle, Head Trainer at North Park Racquet Club in North Spokane. We're talking about how to train for Bloomsday. This article will teach how to prepare with the six remaining weeks. 

Training For Bloomsday

With only a little over six weeks until Bloomsday, It is definitely time to get started on your pre-Bloomsday training routine. Spokane is home to one of the world’s largest and premier road races. Our event invites some of the world’s most elite runners, but is open to walkers and first time runners. Anyone can participate! However, that doesn’t mean one should show up unprepared. 

An easy to tool to get a plan laid out for any ability level is Runner’s World SmartCoach training program. This program will help you design a cost free, specific running program for your skill level and desired goal. The program will ask several questions about your goal, age, gender and ability level. From there, it will generate a daily workout schedule. 

A valuable attribute to SmartCoach is the incorporation of high intensity days, short and long distance days, rest and strength training. Not only should a runner focus on running, but also, cross training with weights has been proven to boost even the best runners strength and speed. Contact us with the information below to help you develop a strength-training program designed just for Bloomsday, or the endurance athlete. 

For the next step, make sure you are working on flexibility. Most people still start their workouts with static stretches, which is actually an emphatic no! Warm up with movement or dynamic exercises. Then stretch at the end. Your muscle fiber is elastic and only functions optimally if blood flow is increased from inside to out. Pulling on a certain muscle when cold can potentially lead to injury. Another note, flexibility is not only key to avoiding injuries, but it aids in increased muscle growth and performance. 

Last, stays hydrated and eat clean. As stated in my last blog and on our site or Facebook page, nutrition is 80% of any goal. Muscles cannot work optimally without hydration. In fact, one pound of muscle can soak up five to eight pounds of water weight. That being said, with proper hydration and fuel, you will make this year’s Bloomsday one of your best. 

For more help and information visit us at www.jrunfitpro.com. Or follow us at @JRUNFITPROoCOM or on Facebook.



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