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Runaway 400 Pound Pig Lassoed, Tased, Shot in Spokane Valley | News

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Runaway 400 Pound Pig Lassoed, Tased, Shot in Spokane Valley
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It started off with a police scanner call: There was a 400 pound pig on the loose at a Conoco gas station in Spokane Valley. Following the double takes, the disbelief and chorus of "Did I hear that correctly?" it was confirmed: There was a pig on the loose in Spokane Valley.

Not a moose, which would be fairly common for this area, but a big pig.

A Montana woman, Pam Lane, had driven to the Spokane area to pick up the pig and take it back home in her minivan. According to Pam at some point as she was preparing to get back on Interstate 90 and head home the pig went ballistic in the back of her minivan.

Lane pulled over near the Conoco gas station located at the intersection of Pines and Mission and it was at this point the pig decided to make a getaway and busted out a back window of the minivan, climbed out and began to scamper around the gas station and through the streets, creating a traffic hazard.

At this point a Washington State Patrol trooper arrived on the scene to help attempt to subdue the pig.

At first the trooper tried to lasso the pig, but was unsuccessful in corralling it.

So the trooper drew his taser and fired it at the pig. The pig was unfazed by the taser and continued to run around.

Finally the trooper, as a last resort and at Lane's request, drew his service weapon and opened fire, shooting and killing the pig.

The pig was so big, a tow truck was called to the scene and several men helped hoist the pig back into the minivan. Lane said she's going to keep him and take him back home to Montana.

News, Weird

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