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Target Zero Task Force teams up with Uber for free and discounted rates St. Patrick's Day weekend

Target Zero Task Force teams up with Uber for free and discounted rates St. Patrick's Day weekend


Law enforcement will be conducting DUI patrols in Spokane County during this upcoming St. Patrick's Day weekend. As St. Patrick's Day approaches Spokane Country would like to remind residents that finding a designated driver isn't luck, it's smart.


To encourage this, the Spokane County Target Zero Task Force is partnering with Uber, an app that connects riders and drivers, to offer free rides to new users and discounted rides to current users.


New Uber users who would like to take advantage of this promotion simple need to download the Uber app and input the promo code SPOSAFE1. They can then enjoy an Uber ride free of charge up to $25.


Existing users of the app just need to input the promo code SPORIDE1 to get up to two rides at 20% off between 10:00 a.m. March 14 2015 and 3:00 a.m. March 15, 2015- just in time for the St. Patrick's Day parade.


Parishioners rattled by Spokane Valley church vandalism

Spokane Valley Police are investigating vandalism at the Opportunity Christian Fellowship that parishioners believe happened sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Before Sunday service worship, parishioners found Satanic messages on the building located on 1313 S Pines Road.

“It must have come from a place of anger,” Pastor Dan Bonney said. “I imagine whoever did this was probably angry at God for some reason."

“Hail Satan,” “666,” “www.exposingchristianity.com,” and a pentagram were spray painted on the back of the building. Bonney said this isn't the first time they've been vandalized. He recalls several years ago when they found a rock that had been thrown through the window. He said that was nothing compared to this morning's find.

“It's vinyl siding, so I would hope with a power washer we can get it off, because we certainly don't want to leave it on,” Bonney said.

In a church that's focused on love for God, it wasn't the message that parishioners came for. Many were rattled when they saw the vandalism.

"It is distressing to us to see this done to what we think is the church,” Deborah Harder said.

Mother of strangled child speaks out after suspect arrested

It's been a long three months for Jessica Brito and her four year old daughter, but this week the small Spokane Valley family moved closer to getting justice. According to court documents, Brito's child was strangled by her ex-boyfriend Jesse L. Brown, 23, back in November. Brown turned himself in earlier this week.

“I'm relieved,” Brito said. “I'm very relieved that he's not getting away with it, because for a while there I thought he was."

Brito said she trusted Brown. She adds that he was good to her daughter and that her daughter seemed to like him. Brito said she'll never forget the day that Child Protective Services called her at work to tell her that her child had been taken away because she had been strangled.

“My heart dropped when I found out,” Brito said.

According to court documents, Brown strangled Brito's daughter in their Spokane Valley apartment sometime between November 6 and 10 while Brito was a work. Brito said she works two jobs and often would have Brown look after the girl.

Washington State Department of Health warns of Salmonella illness tied to baby birds

Washington State Department of Health warns of Salmonella illness tied to baby birds


At least 39 Washingtonians have reported getting ill from Salmonella bacteria after coming in contact with live poultry in the past three years, according to reports reviewed by disease investigators at the state’s Department of Health. These 39 cases were associated with three separate national Salmonella outbreaks that caused more than 1,200 people to get sick. Contact with live poultry may also have contributed to more than 100 other cases of salmonellosis in our state in the past three years that weren’t associated with any known outbreak.


Spring is the season when many people who have chickens or ducks in backyard flocks buy baby birds. From the time the baby birds arrive at home, children should be supervised carefully to make sure they wash their hands immediately after touching the animals or their environments. Another prevention step is to make sure children don’t snuggle or kiss the young poultry.


Neighborhood Safeway closes its doors

The Safeway on north Argonne in the Spokane Valley is shutting down after decades of operation because of a dispute with the landlord.

Local residents say it will affect their entire way of life, and put a vulnerable community at risk.

"It's convenient for us. A lot of us walk up here to this store, and there's a lot of seniors, disabled people and blind people even who walk up here," said Laurie Lahr, who lives a block away.

She added that many in the area can't get to the Yoke's or Albertsons located nearly a mile away.  

"Now we're gonna have to walk across the freeway. You know that's gonna be pretty dangerous, especially for the blind people and the seniors on their little go-karts."

Safeway said they couldn't come to agreeable terms with the landlord.

"To have the store close and move out when their not having any money coming in, just because they want to raise the rent? That's ridiculous and mean," said Lahr.

The store's 60 employees will be relocated to other locations.

Lahr said even if another grocery store moves in, it won't be the same.

Washington State Patrol uses latest laser technology to quickly clear roadways after an accident


The Washington State Patrol released their newest edition of their Good to Know video series (view above), which features detectives using the latest laser technology to quickly clear roadways after an accident, ensuring driver and officer safety.


According to the WSP, the Trimble Laser Scanner does the work traditionally done by detectives, but in about half the time and with only one operator. The machine scans items at the scene in order to recreate a 3-D version of the surrounding area which helps investigators determine the cause of the collision.


WSP uses the Trimble to reduce road closure time while still conducting a thorough investigation of the incident. The device can also be used at other types of crimes such as homicides, to document the location of important evidence.


Structure fire in Spokane Valley causes $60,000 in damages

Structure fire in Spokane Valley causes $60,000 in damages


At 9:27 a.m. on Sunday, March 1st, the Spokane Valley Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 3021 S. Bates Road. The 9-1-1 caller reported she had found smoke and flames coming from within her laundry/utility room. She quickly evacuated the structure taking her two children with her.


When firefighters first arrived, heavy smoke was coming from the eaves of the home and the fire was declared a working fire, which allowed additional support units to respond. A total of 15 units were dispatched. 


Fire crews made an aggressive attack on the rear of the structure through the doorway that was beginning to burn through. This door made entry into the lower level of the home leading into the laundry/utility room. The first arriving units also were told the structure had been evacuated, but firefighters continued on with both ventilation and primary search to confirm the residence was clear. According to the department, the fire was extinguished withing 15 minutes of their arrival.