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Bloomsday entry deadline draws near

Bloomsday entry deadline draws near

In just 20 days racers will cross the starting line for one of the world’s largest road races, but time is running out to enter Bloomsday. Tuesday is the last day to register by mail before facing the late entry fee.

Paper entries must be postmarked by  Tuesday, April 15th. After tomorrow you’ll have until April 20th to register online. You can also register in person at any Sports Authority until 9 pm Tuesday night.

Providence shows off new Medical Park

Providence shows off new Medical Park

Providence is calling their new $44 million facility in Spokane Valley a one stop shop.

The new medical park will meet almost every need of outpatient care, including an in-house pharmacy and coffee shop.

"The vision for this building was that we could provide all services, in one place. So we have family medicine and internal medicine, and if they need to see a specialist, we have specialty care here," said Kathy Tarcon, Chief Operating Officer of Providence Health System.

Providence says the new facility is both convenient and affordable. Visits to urgent care is less costly than emergency room visits, as well as outpatient surgery versus procedures done in the hospital.

"People who live in the Valley don't want to leave the Valley for their care. So that's one reason we decided to build here.50% of the Valley population goes to our hospitals, but we didn't have a large ambulance presence," said Tarcon.

The doors of the new facility will officially open April 28th for urgent care, family medicine and internal medicine. All other specialties should be open by the end of August.

Intermountain search dogs and handlers back from Oso

Intermountain search dogs and handlers back from Oso

Intermountain Search Dogs most frequently work with the Spokane County Sheriff's Department doing search and rescues. However, when the devastation of the mudslide hit, they wanted to help.

"We looked at the pictures and we kind of thought, oh yeah we know what we're going for, and we got there and it was just like, wow," said Phoebe Duke, of Intermountain Search Dogs.

Just five days after the mudslide they packed up and headed to Oso, to help lead the search in recovering victims.

"That search without dogs would have been pretty much impossible," said Duke.

The dogs and their handlers spent long hours working through the thick mud and debris, that in many cases went up to the dog's stomachs. The dogs were successful in recovering bodies, as well as clearing areas so rescue crews could focus on high probability areas. The search was both physically exhausting, and mentally draining.

"You had to compartmentalize it, and do your job and work, and then when you come home, that's when it's hard when the reality hits you, that was someone's child you were looking for, someone's grandmother," said Robyn Moug, of Intermountain Search Dogs.

Animal experts working to dispel 'dangerous pit bull' stereotype

Animal experts working to dispel 'dangerous pit bull' stereotype

Animal experts are working to change the stereotype that all pit bulls are dangerous, but a rash of dog attacks involving pit bulls this last week isn't helping change that image.

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes are the number one biting dog in Spokane County, but that doesn't explain what's actually happening. SCRAPS reports despite their bad reputation these dogs get adopted all the time.

"This last week has been unusual and I am not sure why," Nancy Hill of SCRAPS said of the recent attacks involving pit bulls. "We were all wondering if it was a full moon."

Every animal SCRAPS re-homes goes through a behavior assessment; Hill said the recent pit bull attacks involved dogs that weren't adopted through SCRAPS.

Before re-homing an animal, SCRAPS uses a method approved by the ASPCA for determining its level of aggression, fear, and other traits that could mean bad news. Dogs are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the perfect dog with no issues while a dog that scores 5 isn't safe to re-home

$23,000 worth of bee crates stolen

The Spokane Sheriff’s Office is investigating after 462 bee crates were reported stolen near Newman Lake on Monday.

The victim told Deputies that he stores the bee crates at the location and the 15 pallets containing 462 crates were missing. The crates are valued at $23,100. It’s unknown when the crates were stolen and there is no suspect.

Upcoming Spokane Valley traffic alerts

Upcoming Spokane Valley traffic alerts

From the City of Spokane Valley:

Mirabeau Parkway between Pinecroft and Mansfield - Expect 2- to 3-minute closures of the southbound lane on Mondays through Thursdays from 6:30am to 5:00pm for utility work beginning Monday, April 7 continuing through Thursday, April 24.

911 service restored to Washington state

911 service restored to Washington state

911 services have been restored to Washington state after they went down Thursday morning.

CenturyLink spokeswoman, Kerry Zimmer, said the problem began about 1:30 a.m. Thursday at Sheridan, Ore., and Oregon was affected for a time. The problem then spread to Washington.

CenturyLink says the outage affected dispatch centers statewide because they are all connected.