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Orlison canning Pilsner 37 in support of Team Gleason

Orlison canning Pilsner 37 in support of Team Gleason

It's a big day for Orlison Brewing and Team Gleason, Steve Gleason's ALS foundation as the Airway Heights brewing company unveils its new beer that will help raise money for the non-profit organization.

It's a little hectic at Orlison Brewing, as it always is for canning date, but the guys at the brewery are especially proud of their latest batch of Pilsner 37. It's already been in area bars, but now that it's being canned it opens them up to an entirely new market and it's also great exposure for Team Gleason

Orlison couldn't be happier to be a part of Steve Gleason's foundation. They get some great exposure for a new product and, "it also gives the Gleason Foundation additional revenue from the sales of this so it is a good partnership, we make a good team together," brewmaster Bernie Duenwald said.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of Pilsner 37 go directly to Team Gleason so Orlison hopes the beer sells well.

From Seattle to Clayton, marijuana stores getting ready to open

From Seattle to Clayton, marijuana stores getting ready to open

Each day Washington grows closer to legal marijuana sales and some business owners are now setting up shop as the liquor control board pushes forward with its investigations.

The success of potential pot store Savage THC in Clayton could all depend on traffic. Not trafficking but traffic on Highway 395, which connects Spokane to Canada.

"I'm trying to suck in the Canadian visitors by telling them it's only 138 clicks (kilometers)," owner Scott Dekay said.

Dekay is currently building the infrastructure for his pot business.

"I'm thinking like a bank style window, maybe with bars or plexiglass, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet," he said.

Dekay is excited since receiving this letter from the liquor control board stating his application is moving forward.

"My daughter is here for a visit, I don't see her very often, and I just told her, 'This is the best day of my life since you were born,'" he said.

If he passes a background check and financial investigation he could be awarded a license, but there's still a lot of work to do. Counters, signs, security cameras, everything built to the specifications he presented in his application.

Inslee stops release of inmate who nearly killed Richland police officer

Inslee stops release of inmate who nearly killed Richland police officer

A man who stabbed a Richland police officer seven times and then shot him twice nearly 32-years-ago will remain behind bars.

Jerry Lain, who has been jailed for the last three decades, was up for parole in 2010 but then-Governor Christine Gregoire exercised a rarely used executive power stopping his parole. Now Governor Jay Inslee has done the same.

In 1982 Lain, 56, was on the run from parole in Iowa. He was caught prowling cars in Richland by Police Officer Mike Fitzpatrick. Initially Lain told Fitzpatrick to shoot him but when the officer got close enough Lain stabbed him multiple times then shot him twice using the officer's own gun.

Fitzpatrick survived the assault and Lain was given a maximum sentence of life in prison. Lain was eligible for parole in 2010 and then again in 2014 and both times his release has been stopped, first by Gregoire and now by Inslee.

State Representative Kevin Parker, who has been working with the Fitzpatricks to block Lain's release, said it was the right choice.

VA Medical Center undergoing inspector general audit

VA Medical Center undergoing inspector general audit

The Spokane Veteran Affairs Medical Center is being audited by the VA Inspector General's office in the wake of accusations leveled against the VA hospital in Phoenix of a secret waiting list and delayed response times.

151 VA hospitals are being audited across the country in the wake of the allegations made in Phoenix.

Auditors are specifically looking at patient scheduling practices and the result of those audits being conducted in Spokane and across the country would be released for several weeks.

This audit comes on the heels of revelations that the Phoenix VA hospital had a secret list for veterans waiting for health care. A list of around 1,600 names was designed to disguise how long veterans were actually waiting to be treated.

Reports say 40 veterans died while waiting on that secret list in Phoenix.

The director of the VA hospital in Phoenix, Sharon Helman has been placed on administrative leave.

Helman previously was the director of the Spokane VA Medical Center in 2007 and 2008 and was later transferred to a VA hospital in the Chicago area.

Washingtonians flocking to Idaho for cheaper alcohol

Washingtonians flocking to Idaho for cheaper alcohol

Just hundreds of yards from Washington, and barely into Idaho, the shelves of the State Line Liquor Store are stocked, but sticker shock proves they won't be for long.

The store opened months after Washington voters passed I-1183. When privatized liquor started almost two years ago in Washington, Kootenai County saw an increase of $7 million in liquor sales each year. So many people are crossing the border to buy booze. Those purchases from Washingtonians left nearly $420,000 in sales tax for Kootenai County last year.

If you put the average price for a bottle of liquor at about $20, that means 350,000 bottles would leave the county each year. The sales tax would stay.

The Idaho State Liquor Division says Kootenai County had the highest growth in the state.

"It's not a regular thing but when I'm over here, pop in, just do it," said Eric Carlson of Spokane Valley.

Almost every license plate KXLY saw at the liquor store this afternoon was from Washington, including Eric Carlson's.

"How come they can do it cheaper here, not there. It's not like we're crossing oceans?" Carlson said.

Sheriff's Office and Spokane Police swear in new recruits

Sheriff's Office and Spokane Police swear in new recruits

Both the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and the Spokane Police Department welcomed new law enforcement personnel this week. The SCSO swore in five new deputies on Friday, and the Spokane Police Department sworn in six new officers on Monday.

The Sheriff’s Office welcomed Lateral Deputies Jason Hunt, Louis Acosta and Christopher Bylow, and Entry Level Deputies Andrew Hairston and James Kaae. The addition of these deputies brings the total number of commissioned personnel to 216 of the budgeted 223 positions.

Memphis Belle roars into Spokane

Memphis Belle roars into Spokane

"Memphis Belle," a restored B-17 Flying Fortress that was the centerpiece to the 1990 movie of the same name starring Matthew Modine, roared into Felts Field Monday as part of a nationwide tour.

Operated by the Liberty Foundation, the B-17 was restored to look like the original "Memphis Belle," which was one of the first Flying Fortresses to survive 25 missions over Europe during World War II with its entire 10-man crew intact.

While the original Belle is undergoing extensive restoration at the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, the movie Belle tours the country to help keep the legacy of the iconic bomber alive.

It's purpose is to fly from city to city and serve as a living museum and reminder of the sacrifice made by Americans during the war. Soon after the Belle rolled to stop and its big radial engines quieted, an elderly man walked up to look at the plane. Mike Kindya, 90, a member of the Greatest Generation, stopped by Felts Field to get a good look at a plane he hasn't seen in years.

During WWII Kindya was a Tech Sergeant in the Army Air Corps, and served as a top turret gunner aboard B-17s.