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Shuttles provided for Bloomsday Trade Show

Shuttles provided for Bloomsday Trade Show

Due to construction, parking will short in downtown Spokane for the Bloomsday Trade Show on Friday and Saturday. In an effort to reduce parking stress, Bloomsday is providing free shuttles from the Spokane Arena to the Convention Center.

"The expansion of the Convention Center and construction of a new hotel across the street are going to be great additions to Spokane," said Lilac Bloomsday Association President Steven Jones. "But they'll make getting in and out of the area challenging for at least this year."

Trading cards offer Bloomsday trivia

Trading cards offer Bloomsday trivia

After a successful first race in 2013, the Bloomsday Trading Cards are back, and this year they have some new characters for you to collect.

There are eight new Bloomsday characters that represent the 50,000 unique Bloomies that hit the course every year.

Bloomsday hits the ground running Sunday

Bloomsday hits the ground running Sunday

Bloomsday is this Sunday and nearly 50,000 runners and walkers from all over the world are expected to converge on downtown Spokane for the 37th running of the annual race.

Each year there are many participants to the race who are unfamiliar with the course and the crowds.

"I think Bloomsday is just a great time for the community to come together," said Wade Pannel, owner of Fleet Feet.

Pannel has ran Bloomsday five times. He said it's important for first time runners to remain patient, stay hydrated and take your time with the big hills.

"Keep your head up towards the horizon, lean into the hill to use gravity to help you get up the hill. And pick up your cadence a little bit, so a few more steps per mile so to speak hat will help you move up the hill," Pannel said.

Ideally runners have been training over the course of the last few month, but if not, "Get into a little bit later corral, at the start be ready to walk a lot and enjoy the day," he added.

Pannel said the crowds can be overwhelming, but unavoidable.

Balloon shoe on display for Bloomsday

Balloon shoe on display for Bloomsday

For the third year in a row, the giant Bloomsday shoe will be on display prior to the race to promote epilepsy awareness.

Balloon artist Ryan Oelrich used over 700 balloons to creak the car sized shoe. The shoe is sponsored by Bloomsday and uses purple to promote epilepsy awareness. Oelrich, as well as 2.3 million other American live with the neurological disorder.

Washington 911 calls got stuck in Colorado

Washington 911 calls got stuck in Colorado

A report to regulators on the statewide 911 outage in Washington says emergency calls failed because they were stuck in a processing center in Colorado.

In the report last week to the state Utilities and Transportation Commission, CenturyLink says an estimated 4,500 calls over a six-hour period early on April 10 were stranded at the center in Englewood, Colo., operated by the database manager Intrado. It ran out of capacity to route the calls.

The News Tribune reports the outage affected 127 dispatch centers in Washington until calls were re-routed.

A state 911 project manager, Andy Leneweaver, says the outage also affected six-to eight call centers in North Carolina and about 11 in Minnesota.

Century Link and Intrado say changes have been made to prevent another such 911 outage.

Mom searching for disabled son's stolen tricycle

Mom searching for disabled son's stolen tricycle

One Spokane Valley mother is on a mission to get her disabled son's stolen tricycle back and is looking to the community to help her out.

Leisa Eining was shocked when she went to her garage Tuesday morning and her son's trike was no where in sight.

"It's just so irritating that it is just gone," Eining said.

Eining's 17-year-old son Manny is disabled and uses this trike as a way to exercise.

"It was made for disabled people because it has straps on the pedals and straps that go around his waist," Eining said.

For six years Manny has ridden the bike around the apartment complex where he lives.

"Having the bike, it makes him put his legs together more and strengthens him that way," Eining said.

Eining says sometime between Monday morning and early Tuesday, the bike was stolen from her locked garage.

"I was putting flyers all around the apartment complex right away, going why did you take a disabled boy's bike?" Eining asked.

Years ago, the trike was given to Manny as a gift from the Rotary Club. At $1,500, the bike's too expensive to replace.

Lime prices causing consumers to pucker up

Lime prices causing consumers to pucker up

Lime, the little fruit that causes some to pucker, is causing that same reaction when consumers look at the price lately.

"The price of limes has been crazy," Casa De Oro owner Enrique Torres said.

Torres owns Casa De Oro in North Spokane. He said he's squeezing out hundreds of dollars each week on limes to keep the restaurant running.

"You can't go to a Mexican restaurant and order a margarita or beer without the lime," he said.

Torres just put in a $150 order Tuesday for a case of 140 limes.

"Like four months ago they were $20 a case," Torres said.

It's going to be an expensive week for the restaurant, with their annual Cinco de Mayo celebration coming up on Saturday. Torres said they'll need up to six cases of limes for Cinco de Mayo alone.

"It's going to be $700 for the limes," he said.

At grocery stores, customers are seeing the same thing. Limes that usually only cost a couple dimes are now pushing a dollar. Some stores haven't even had them because of the shortage.