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Pullman, Liberty Lake named safest cities in Washington

Pullman, Liberty Lake named safest cities in Washington

Safewise has released a list of the 50 safest cities in Washington with Pullman and Liberty Lake taking top spots. The online security system retailer looked at the 2012 FBI Crime Report as well as independent research to determine which cities were the safest.

Pullman came in at number four on the list. Safewise says community involvement is a big factor and the presence of WSU helps keep crime rates low. According the 2012 FBI Crime Report, the college town has been murder free for seven years. Safewise describes Pullman as a “safe, wholesome community to call home.”

Arctic air dropping temperatures in Washington

Arctic air dropping temperatures in Washington

Arctic air blowing into the Inland Northwest prompted the National Weather Service to issue a wind chill warning for the Spokane region for Wednesday morning.

Forecasters expect temperatures around zero with 10 mph to 20 mph winds, which could create a wind chill of 20 below -- enough to freeze exposed skin.

Forecasters also say cold temperatures could set records in Western Washington between Wednesday and Friday. Highs Wednesday -- when the Seahawks parade in Seattle -- and Thursday are forecast in the 30s. Seattle's record low maximum for Feb. 5 is 34 (1989) and Feb. 6 is 37 (1949).

The Weather Service says the cold should start to ease by the weekend when precipitation arrives, probably starting as snow. Forecasters say temperatures should return to normal next week.

Marijuana dispensaries adopt Bitcoin currency

Marijuana dispensaries adopt Bitcoin currency

More businesses around Spokane are starting to accept a form of currency called Bitcoin. One medical marijuana shop just started accepting it, because banks won't take their money.

You can't hold or touch a Bitcoin, but it has value and is similar to a stock. It's price can rise and fall. Right now one Bitcoin is worth about $800. You can trade it as a whole, or in parts. Some in the marijuana industry are using it to keep their money secure.

Kouchlock Productions is a medical marijuana dispensary at 1919 E Francis Avenue. It's a new business forced to take money the old way, all cash. They cannot accept credit cards or even put money into a bank account because the product they're selling is federally illegal. It's a major crisis in the medical and newly legal recreational pot business.

"You can use it anywhere and you don't have to carry cash on you. You have your wallet on your phone," employee Rachel Franzen said.

The owners believe Bitcoin is safer and more secure than dealing with cash. Franzen explained the Bitcoin process for us on her phone.

Colorado marijuana stores experience sky high sales

Colorado marijuana stores experience sky high sales

Recreational Marijuana shops are up and running in Colorado. During the first day of sales on Jan. 1, lines wrapped around the corners of stores. Sales have since slowed down, but people who chose to get into the pot business are calling it the best decision of their lives.

Linda Andrews is the owner of Lodo Wellness Center in Downtown Denver. She split her medical pot business into a half recreational, half medical retailer.

"On the first day we did what we usually do in a month for medical," Andrews said.

Many strains of weed are available at Lodo Wellness Center, from Sour Diesel to Durban Poison. The store will often run out of the popular edible products like cookies, brownies, and drinks.

"It's the first time I've been able to impulsively purchase marijuana," Jesse, a customer at the store, said.

The 36 percent tax in Denver keeps some potential clientele away.

"If you want to get rid of a black market, you can't overtax the product, and I think that's what they're doing," Kyle O'Malley, a marijuana user, said.

Though, O'Malley does think that there is peace of mind in buying from a store.

Super Bowl win boosts local economy

Super Bowl win boosts local economy

Not only have Seahawk fans been buying their Super Bowl championship swag, some of them make their own.

This win is benefiting the local economy in more ways than one.

"We're printing Super Bowl championship shirts," George Badner of Zome Design said. "We've been here since seven o'clock last night, and we'll be here until about four p.m. this afternoon."

Workers at Zome Design are pumping out roughly 600 shirts an hour.

While the shirts won't be sold in the Spokane area, the win has allowed the company to employ people into their slow season.

"If we didn't have this kind of business coming in there would be printers and support staff receiving either reduced hours or, unfortunately, laid off, but we've been able to keep them employed through all of this," Badner said.

The shirts printed at Zome are heading to Seattle, but there are other places to shop in Spokane for championship gear.

Sharon Johnston was at Dick's Sporting Goods finding something for herself.

"I love having the ball," Johnston said. "I love that, I love that and I think that's cool."

Deep freeze forecast this week in Washington

A cold week is forecast for Washington.

The National Weather Service says low temperatures Tuesday through Friday in Western Washington will be in the teens and highs only in the 20s.

Forecasters say it will be even colder in Eastern Washington with lows in single digits. Light snow is forecast Monday in southeast Washington, but it should be mostly clear through the week statewide.

The Weather Service says precipitation returns to the area Saturday and there's a good chance it will start as snow.