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Hundreds protest Spokane Co. Sheriff's Office

A viral video showing a Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy talking about needing an armored vehicle for dealing with "Constitutionalists" sparked debate, and on Saturday, a protest.

The video was taken during an event where the Sheriff's Office was showcasing its newest army surplus vehicle, an MRAP, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle.

The protestors gathered outside the Spokane County Sheriff's Office on Saturday afternoon.

Sheriff releases statement regarding controversial video

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office released a statement Saturday regarding a recent online video of a Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy making a comment about ?Constitutionalists.?

The video, featured on the website Infowars, shows a deputy saying the department's new military surplus MRAP (mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle) is needed for dealing with ?Constitutionalists? among others who stockpile weapons and ammunition.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office released the following statement:

New telephone scam targets Vera Water and Power costumers

New telephone scam targets Vera Water and Power costumers

Vera Water and Power said their costumers are the target for a new telephone scam regarding the payment of their bills.


The scam involves a telephone caller who claims to be a Vera Water and Power employee, and then uses a billing and collections scam to defraud costumers.


According to Vera Water and Power, a customer received a phone call on his business line, in which the caller identified himself as a Vera Water and Power employee. The scammer stated that the electric service to the customer’s business would be disconnected if he did not pay $2,000 to cover the cost of a GPS meter and his bill. The scammer then stated that the only method of payment is through a pay card which is purchased at a store.


The customer purchased pay cards, totaling $2,000, then called the scammer back, giving him the pay card digits. The scammer then told the customer his power would not be disconnected. The customer lost $2,000 to the scam.


Residents can still visit SNAP website for help with Energy Assistance

Residents can still visit SNAP website for help with Energy Assistance

SNAP still has many appointments available for Spokane County residents who need energy assistance.


Earlier this year, SNAP said residents across Spokane County were clamoring for help with energy bills as unseasonably cold weather descended upon the region in mid-autumn. The first series of SNAP Energy Assistance appointments opened in late September and were soon filled.


Now, with mild conditions defining the first phase of winter, SNAP has reported that the rush of residents seeking help has fallen off. SNAP opened its second round of Energy Assistance appointments on Tuesday, December 16th, but still has around 1,200 appointments available on the SNAP website as of December 19th.


City of Spokane Valley announces Christmas holiday hours

City of Spokane Valley announces Christmas holiday hours

City of Spokane Valley business offices will be closed in observance of the Christmas holiday as follows:

City business offices will be closed on Thursday, December 25 and Friday, December 26. Offices will reopen with regular hours on Monday, December 29.

The Spokane Valley University Transfer Station will be closed on Thursday, December 25, reopening with regular hours on Friday, December 26.


Sleepy driver crashes into Dishman Dodge

A driver in Spokane Valley crashed through the brick sign of Dishman Dodge, doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the sign and more than 20 vehicles parked in the lot.

The driver, who is 20, reportedly hit the sign at a high rate of speed, completely flattening it and causing approximately $50,000 to $60,000 in damage to the sign alone.

"It will be a mess. Take a while to clean up," Tom Maine with Dishman Dodge said.

The car lot was filled with shiny, beautiful, brand new cars Monday evening with the dealership closed. When it opened this morning the situation had changed dramatically.

?We did a count this morning and we have over 20 vehicles that have damage to them so it will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage by the time it all gets totaled up," Maine said.

Maine's morning started off with an unsettling text message telling there was an accident at the dealership.

?Thankfully the person that was driving wasn't injured severely so that's the most important thing. I mean we can work through the damage and stuff,? he said.

Spokane Valley neighborhood lights up the holidays

A home featured on Kris' Holiday Lights was so spectacular, KXLY had to find out the story behind it.

This Spokane Valley neighborhood has been transforming their street into "Christmas Tree Lane" for more than a decade.

During the rest of the year, Christmas Tree Lane turns back into the 1600 block of South Keller Road in Spokane Valley.

During the holidays, the entire street is decked out with coordinating Christmas decorations.

Christmas Tree Lane started at Scott Honodel's house. Scott's son is the mastermind of the operation.

"Even from his younger days as a child he's always been fascinated by lights," Scott said.

Scott and his son are most proud of a 90-foot tree that features 80,000 Christmas lights, and has become the focal point of Christmas Tree Lane.

Everyday during the holiday season, a constant stream of people come by to check out the displays.

"My dad used to bring us down this road every year and�I thought it would be cool to�come with my kids," said Spokane Valley resident Rachel Madsen, who said she's come to see the lights for more than ten years.