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Neighborhood Safeway closes its doors

The Safeway on north Argonne in the Spokane Valley is shutting down after decades of operation because of a dispute with the landlord.

Local residents say it will affect their entire way of life, and put a vulnerable community at risk.

"It's convenient for us. A lot of us walk up here to this store, and there's a lot of seniors, disabled people and blind people even who walk up here," said Laurie Lahr, who lives a block away.

She added that many in the area can't get to the Yoke's or Albertsons located nearly a mile away.  

"Now we're gonna have to walk across the freeway. You know that's gonna be pretty dangerous, especially for the blind people and the seniors on their little go-karts."

Safeway said they couldn't come to agreeable terms with the landlord.

"To have the store close and move out when their not having any money coming in, just because they want to raise the rent? That's ridiculous and mean," said Lahr.

The store's 60 employees will be relocated to other locations.

Lahr said even if another grocery store moves in, it won't be the same.

Washington State Patrol uses latest laser technology to quickly clear roadways after an accident


The Washington State Patrol released their newest edition of their Good to Know video series (view above), which features detectives using the latest laser technology to quickly clear roadways after an accident, ensuring driver and officer safety.


According to the WSP, the Trimble Laser Scanner does the work traditionally done by detectives, but in about half the time and with only one operator. The machine scans items at the scene in order to recreate a 3-D version of the surrounding area which helps investigators determine the cause of the collision.


WSP uses the Trimble to reduce road closure time while still conducting a thorough investigation of the incident. The device can also be used at other types of crimes such as homicides, to document the location of important evidence.


Structure fire in Spokane Valley causes $60,000 in damages

Structure fire in Spokane Valley causes $60,000 in damages


At 9:27 a.m. on Sunday, March 1st, the Spokane Valley Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 3021 S. Bates Road. The 9-1-1 caller reported she had found smoke and flames coming from within her laundry/utility room. She quickly evacuated the structure taking her two children with her.


When firefighters first arrived, heavy smoke was coming from the eaves of the home and the fire was declared a working fire, which allowed additional support units to respond. A total of 15 units were dispatched. 


Fire crews made an aggressive attack on the rear of the structure through the doorway that was beginning to burn through. This door made entry into the lower level of the home leading into the laundry/utility room. The first arriving units also were told the structure had been evacuated, but firefighters continued on with both ventilation and primary search to confirm the residence was clear. According to the department, the fire was extinguished withing 15 minutes of their arrival.


Spokane Valley pothole repair crews plugging away

Spokane Valley pothole repair crews plugging away


Pothole repair crews are being dispersed throughout Spokane Valley, as the warming weather creates inevitable holes in the roadways.


Potholes are a result of the recent freeze and thaw cycle of the reoccurring winter season. To help combat this, Spokane Valley's pothole repair crews are busy plugging away at these nuisances, but need the help of residents.


The Public Words Department would like citizens to report the potholes they come across throughout the city.


To report potholes, residents can call 921-1000 or go online to www.spokanevalley.org/CARES and select the "Report a Pothole" link. Those filing a concern just need to scroll to the "Create a new C.A.R.E.S. Request" and select the "Report a Pothole link from the Public Works options listed. From there, users will be directed to the online form that they can complete to notify the city.


The Public Works Department asks those filing these requests to provide the following information in order to help them locate the pothole to be repaired:

Valley burglary suspects caught

Valley burglary suspects caught

On Sunday, February 22nd, Spokane Valley Sheriff's deputies arrested two suspected burglary suspects after an alert property owner noticed a suspicious vehicle that was running parked at the location.


The incident begane just before 11:00 a.m., when deputies responded to the 9300 block of East Mission Avenue is Spokane Valley. The caller stated her husband armed himself with a pistoland went to the property to confront the potential burglars. The caller reported seeing a suspicious vehicle at the unoccupied residence and noticed exhaust fumes coming from the tailpipe.


West to host career fairs to hire 100 new employees in Spokane

West to host career fairs to hire 100 new employees in Spokane

West, a CRM solution provider,  announced Monday they will host career fairs at both their downtown Spokane and Spokane Valley locations to hire 100 Customer Care Associate positions. Both on site career fairs will be held on Thursday, February 19th between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The downtown Spokane career fair will be located at 157 S. Howard Street. The Spokane Valley career fair will be located at 9317 E Sinto Avenue.


City offices closed February 16 for Presidents Day

City offices closed February 16 for Presidents Day

In observance of the Presidents Day holiday, the City of Spokane Valley business offices will be closed as follows:

City business offices will be closed on Monday, February 16. Offices will reopen with regular hours on Tuesday, February 17.

The Spokane Valley University Transfer Station will remain open with regular hours of 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.