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Marijuana retailers getting ready for opening day

Marijuana retailers getting ready for opening day

In a little over three weeks Washington will open its first recreational marijuana stores, with only a handful of retailers to receive licenses in July.

For Scott DeKay, it's going to be a family business.

"We got our display case here. We're going to have our pipes and then sealed samples of marijuana for customers to look at," said Scott DeKay, owner of Savage THC in Clayton.

He's filed the last bit of paperwork required to obtain a recreational marijuana retail license.

"They're trying to get 20 open by the first of July and I'm still hoping to be one of those 20," said DeKay.

Dekay says getting into the first group of retailers to open will be important to start paying off the cost of setting up shop.

"They'll stand here, like I said out front, they'll have the little tray right here. Put the product in, push it out," said DeKay as he demonstrated how the transaction will be handled behind bullet proof glass.

Now that the final paperwork is done, arguably the hardest part, second only to finding a retail space, Dekay only needs to pass an inspection, pay his license fee and secure product for opening day.

Husband holds golf tournament to raise money for wife's lung transplant

Husband holds golf tournament to raise money for wife's lung transplant

A Spokane woman is fighting for her life, in need of a double lung transplant after battling cystic fibrosis for 30 years.

John Moriarty says his wife Gina is the love of his life, right up there with golf, and she's in need of some serious help.

"About a year ago Gina came down with a very severe case of pneumonia. She was in the hospital for two months and there was a lot of damage done to her lungs," John said.

Gina was diagnosed at age two and now at age 30 has just 15 percent lung capacity.

To help raise money for Gina's medical costs, John has changed the focus of his annual charity golf tournament "The Big Kahuna" to help his wife.

"It's a double shotgun start on July 12, four person teams. It's a scramble format, and its all for fun," said John.

The procedure will cost nearly $1 million and insurance is covering most of it, but there are still a lot of expenses they will be paying out of pocket.

"We have to actually move over to Seattle and live in transplant housing, and that's something that's not covered by insurance and it's roughly $3-4 thousand a month," said John.

New round of Washington charter proposals begins

Organizations that want to open a charter school in Washington state have until the end of the day on Friday to turn in a form that says they plan to apply to the statewide charter commission.

As of Thursday afternoon, five letters of intent had been posted on the state's charter school website, including some from organizations that had applied during the last round but weren't approved.

The next deadline in the process will be July 15, when formal applications to open a charter school are due. After public forums, interviews and other evaluations, The Charter School Commission plans to vote in October on which schools will be given tentative approval to open.

Construction worker recovering after shooting in Spokane Valley

Construction worker recovering after shooting in Spokane Valley

A construction worker is recovering after a shooting in the Spokane Valley Thursday afternoon.

Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a construction site near the intersection of Adams and Cataldo to find a man who had been struck in the back while operating some machinery.

Based on the angle of the shot, officers were able to focus on one home straight across from the site.

"One of our deputies actually was able to see inside the shop, see a gun safe and see a firearm leaning up against the safe, which obviously lead us to focus our attention on that residence," said Deputy Craig Chamberlin.

A man at that home was detained but not arrested. Investigators are looking into what he may have used to fire the shot, and whether or not it was an intentional attack. Investigators are also waiting on test results to find out what kind of projectile was fired to decide what charges the man could face.

"If it's a rifle or a .22 or something similar to that obviously it's gong to be a felony charge. Possibly first degree assault, second degree assault," Deputy Chamberlin said.

Pot retailers preparing to open as supply concerns persist

Pot retailers preparing to open as supply concerns persist

As the countdown continues until the first legal marijuana shops open around July 1 the question remains will there be enough supply to meet demand.

At one retail shop being set up on North Division Street they're working toward opening their doors on July 1.

"There's definitely a lot more hoops to jump through and a lot more red tape to cut through than the typical store front," Justin Wilson said.

For Wilson it's been a wild ride to just get to this point.

"Location is difficult, with the 1,000-foot buffer, our landlord of course had to be persuaded into this new market obviously its new to a lot of people," he said.

Wilson has been focused on things like shop design and, most importantly, security.

"Each of those has to be covered properly, so again, about 16 cameras and they want 45 days storage so it's a pretty lengthy, pretty big DVR to hold all that," he said.

But when the day comes when he can open many are concerned if there will be enough supply to meet demand. In Colorado, after marijuana was legalized in that state, demand was so high, stores quickly ran out.

Quadski makes debut on Lake Coeur d'Alene

Quadski makes debut on Lake Coeur d'Alene

The quadski: It's a toy straight out of a James Bond film, a four wheel ATV you drive right into the water as it converts into a jet ski.

Gibbs Amphibians recently released the quadski and there are only one dealer in the Pacific Northwest that carries them and it's here in Spokane Valley at Empire Cycle.

While its not the first amphibious vehicle ever made you've probably never seem something like the Gibbs quadski, which makes the transition from land to water in just under five seconds. With a top cruising speed of 45 miles per hour on the water there's really no compromise in performance.

"It really is a different way of thinking, wet and dry with one vehicle. You can change your mind at the last second," Eric Anderson with Gibbs Amphibians said.

Anderson loves that something his company makes brings so much joy to people but the manufacturer is also looking at practical uses for this amazing machine.

Man rushed to hospital after being stabbed with broken golf club

A man was taken to the hospital in critical condition after a stabbing in Spokane Valley Tuesday night.

The stabbing occurred at a home near 32nd and Best Ave.

Police say two men came to the home looking for a woman. They say it was likely due to some type of transaction involving a bike. A man at the home told them the woman wasn't there.

Police say the men on the bikes came back three separate times and on the third time an altercation took place.

Police say the man at the home had a golf club, which broke during the fight and he stabbed one of the men on the bikes with it.

The man who was stabbed was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery.

The second man on the bike fled the scene.

At this point, there have been no arrests.