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Marine Corps veteran on edge after burglary

For Nicholas Whiteman it's been hard calling his house "home" lately. The Spokane Valley man said it was burglarized at the end of January.

"Every item that could be gone through, was gone through," Whiteman said. "Every bookshelf, every drawer, everything was just torn apart, scattered, broken."

Whiteman said that the suspects made off with numerous items including lap tops, smart phones and gaming systems . They also stole memorabilia that was given to him from his fellow Marines.

"Items that wouldn't matter to anyone else, but they had very significant value to myself," Whiteman said.

Whiteman said they made off with something more, his sense of security. Whiteman adds that he did two tours in Iraq and that this experience was much more traumatic.

"I thought I had felt fear before going to war and none of those feelings I've never had like I do now," he said.

Not only traumatic for him, but also for his 8-year-old son.

"I can't even put my son to sleep anymore because every ten minutes he's waking up," Whiteman said. "He's worried, he's concerned, he heard a noise, there's somebody outside his window."

House Ethics Committee looking at McMorris Rodgers

House Ethics Committee looking at McMorris Rodgers

The House Ethics Committee is considering an investigation of the No. 4 ranking member of the House Republican leadership, congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington state.

Just last week McMorris Rodgers delivered the Republican response to the State of the Union address.

McMorris Rodgers serves as chair of the House GOP Conference and is the House GOP's highest-ranking woman. Her lawyer, Elliot Berke, says McMorris Rodgers is aware of the potential investigation and has cooperated with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

The OCE is an outside organization that can refer cases to the House Ethics Committee. The subject of the potential investigation isn't being disclosed.

The Ethics Committee chairman, Michael Conaway, and its ranking Democrat, Linda Sanchez, say they have received a referral from the OCE about McMorris Rodgers.

Police say Liberty Lake assault report was fabricated

Liberty Lake police say a woman's report about being attacked last week was fabricated.

She told officers she had just gotten out of her car last Wednesday when a man she didn't know approached her and asked for a cigarette then knocked her to the ground, kicked her and ran off.

After further investigation, and a grueling interview with the victim, police have determined her story is false.

Police say charges for making the false report will be filed against the woman.

Pullman, Liberty Lake named safest cities in Washington

Pullman, Liberty Lake named safest cities in Washington

Safewise has released a list of the 50 safest cities in Washington with Pullman and Liberty Lake taking top spots. The online security system retailer looked at the 2012 FBI Crime Report as well as independent research to determine which cities were the safest.

Pullman came in at number four on the list. Safewise says community involvement is a big factor and the presence of WSU helps keep crime rates low. According the 2012 FBI Crime Report, the college town has been murder free for seven years. Safewise describes Pullman as a “safe, wholesome community to call home.”

Arctic air dropping temperatures in Washington

Arctic air dropping temperatures in Washington

Arctic air blowing into the Inland Northwest prompted the National Weather Service to issue a wind chill warning for the Spokane region for Wednesday morning.

Forecasters expect temperatures around zero with 10 mph to 20 mph winds, which could create a wind chill of 20 below -- enough to freeze exposed skin.

Forecasters also say cold temperatures could set records in Western Washington between Wednesday and Friday. Highs Wednesday -- when the Seahawks parade in Seattle -- and Thursday are forecast in the 30s. Seattle's record low maximum for Feb. 5 is 34 (1989) and Feb. 6 is 37 (1949).

The Weather Service says the cold should start to ease by the weekend when precipitation arrives, probably starting as snow. Forecasters say temperatures should return to normal next week.

Marijuana dispensaries adopt Bitcoin currency

Marijuana dispensaries adopt Bitcoin currency

More businesses around Spokane are starting to accept a form of currency called Bitcoin. One medical marijuana shop just started accepting it, because banks won't take their money.

You can't hold or touch a Bitcoin, but it has value and is similar to a stock. It's price can rise and fall. Right now one Bitcoin is worth about $800. You can trade it as a whole, or in parts. Some in the marijuana industry are using it to keep their money secure.

Kouchlock Productions is a medical marijuana dispensary at 1919 E Francis Avenue. It's a new business forced to take money the old way, all cash. They cannot accept credit cards or even put money into a bank account because the product they're selling is federally illegal. It's a major crisis in the medical and newly legal recreational pot business.

"You can use it anywhere and you don't have to carry cash on you. You have your wallet on your phone," employee Rachel Franzen said.

The owners believe Bitcoin is safer and more secure than dealing with cash. Franzen explained the Bitcoin process for us on her phone.