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Wienermobile comes to Spokane

Wienermobile comes to Spokane

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is traveling across the U.S. and is stopping in Spokane this week. Hotdoggers invite you to join them for a look inside the Wienermobile and take home an iconic Wiener Whistle.

Hannah Carlson and Michael Tierney are two of 12 recent college graduates selected to drive Wienermobiles across the country for one year after college. Almost six months into their journey, Hannah and Michael have visited 24 states. Hannah said she was driven to apply for the Hotdogger program by the absurdity of driving a giant hot dog around.

Spokane Valley City Council considers ordinance for covering up bikini baristas

Bikini baristas are in the spotlight in the Spokane Valley. Tuesday night the city council discussed an ordinance setting guidelines on just how much skin they can show.

Members from the Coalition for Community Values spoke at the meeting, expressing their concern over the too-hot espresso stands.

"Flaunting their bodies in public in an area that's easily seen by youth. That high school youth can come through in their cars and get a coffee and see a nearly nude woman and go to their school sexually charged. We just felt that was wrong," said Shane Criddle.

The ordinance requires the female genitals and anus to be covered, along with at least half of the breasts and the nipple or areola.

At Devil's Brew espresso just a block away from the Spokane Valley town hall, a barista who wanted to speak anonymously says she understands, but finds the ordinance frustrating.

"I do, I see that, you know, it's not the most morally right job and that a lot of people aren't comfortable with it. But we stay in our stand, if we leave we cover up and from the road you would have to literally stop and try to look in the window to see us," she said.

COTA for Kyle helps local teen with heart transplant

COTA for Kyle helps local teen with heart transplant

Kyle Sipe just turned 18, loves history and enjoys video games, but unlike other kids his age, Kyle needs a heart and lung transplant. Before he was born, Kyle was diagnosed with End-Stage Congenital Heart Disease and in March he decided he was ready to start the transplant process.

“A transplant is something that someone really has to committed to,” said Mark Sipe, Kyle’s dad. “It’s a tremendous gift.”

Community recognizes service, sacrifice of Inland NW veterans

Community recognizes service, sacrifice of Inland NW veterans

Community members and people from all branches of the military gathered at Felts Field Monday to say thank you to our community's veterans.

The celebration was so packed that people were standing outside the hangar to attend the Veterans Day ceremony.

Among the speakers were Mayor David Condon, who served in the Army, and Fairchild Air Force Base commander Col. Brian Newberry were among the speakers, who shared the overall message that Veterans Day is an important opportunity to recognize the sacrifice veterans made and honor their commitment to our country.

The keynote speaker of the celebration was Vietnam veteran Suzanne Williams, who served as a U.S. Air Force nurse. She said she didn't always celebrate Veterans Day but does now for all of the women who have served with her.

"I avoided it like the plague for a long time because it just brought up too many bad memories, but I realized there are eight nurses' names on the Vietnam Wall who can't speak at Veterans Day events and even though it's not my favorite thing to do, I do it in honor of them," she said.

Equipment fire extinguished in Spokane Valley

Spokane Valley fire crews put out an equipment fire at an industrial park in the Spokane Valley.

Firefighters were called out to the 3800 block of North Sullivan Road for reports of a structure fire.

Upon arrival, they found a piece of milling equipment on fire. They quickly put the fire out and were able to contain it to the piece of equipment only.

Fire investigators will continue to look into the cause of the fire.

Students honor UGM veterans with special program

Students honor UGM veterans with special program

Students from Valley Christian School honored the men of the Union Gospel Mission with a special Veteran’s Day performance on Friday afternoon. The school has been visiting UGM for Veteran’s Day for 25 years and it’s mean a lot not only to the kids visiting, but for the men who call the mission home.

“What this does is it brings perspective that someone hasn’t forgotten,” said UGM Chaplin Randy Altmeyer. He adds that many of the men at the mission are Vietnam War vets who have been broken by the politics that greeted when they returned home.

Inland Northwest Blood Center seeking donors

Inland Northwest Blood Center seeking donors

The Inland Northwest Blood Center is seeing a decline in negative blood types and is urging people to roll up their sleeves and give blood.

Every day the blood center needs 200 people to donate in order to meet the area's demand. Right now they are seeing less people come in than they usually do during this time of year.

INBC especially needs O- donors as donations for that blood type are down by 50-percent.

"Being able to come in for less than an hour of your day, you have a chance to save three lives and what's better for the spirit of giving then come in and help save a life," Elizabeth Giles with the INBC said.

To promote blood donations this month INBC has launched the "Don't be a turkey -- give blood" campaign. If you give blood between now and November 15 you could win an iPad Air and if you donate between November 18 and 23 you will be entered to win a $500 Visa gift card.

For more information about how and where to donate blood, click here