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Hutton Settlement Christmas trees on sale Friday

Hutton Settlement Christmas trees on sale Friday

If your family tradition is to pick out a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving the Hutton Settlement has you covered. The children’s home annual Christmas Tree Fundraiser kicks off Friday and the kids at the Hutton Settlement are excited to help your family pick out the perfect tree.

Hutton kids will help you choose from Grand, Noble, Canaan, Douglas and Nordman Firs. After you pick the perfect tree tree you can warm up with hot chocolate and cider by the campfire.  

Capitol Christmas Tree arrives in Washington D.C.

Capitol Christmas Tree arrives in Washington D.C.

After a month long, cross country journey the Capitol Christmas Tree arrived in Washington D.C. on Wednesday morning.  

The 88-foot Engelmann Spruce from the Colville National Forest will light up the lawn of the Capitol building throughout the month of December. The tree will be decorated with hand made ornaments from people around Washington state.

Spokane Valley rescue crews respond to rollover accident

Spokane Valley Fire and Police responded to a serious rollover accident in the 2100 block of north Ella Tuesday night.

Investigators say the man driving in a silver SUV was speeding around a corner when he struck the decorative boulders in a woman's front yard, sending one of them flying over 100 feet and damaging the home.

The vehicle rolled, trapping the driver underneath. Responding crews had to cut the roof off in order to extract him. The driver was transported with serious, but non life-threatening injuries to an area hospital.

Investigators say they will look into whether alcohol played a factor in the crash.

We'll update this story as more details are available.

2nd grader removed from school for threateing students with knife

A second grade student was removed from school in East Valley School District after bringing a knife on a school bus Tuesday morning and allegedly threatened other students.

No one was injured.

The girl will undergo a wellness check, because she's so young it needs to be determined if she knew what she was doing when she brought the knife on the school bus.

All parents who had students on the bus have been notified and local law enforcement is involved in the investigation into the incident.

CVSD rolls back levy tax

CVSD rolls back levy tax

From the Central Valley School District:


The Central Valley School District Board of Directors voted unanimously Monday night to “roll back” $4.2 million from the 2014 voter-approved levy tax roll amounts for district taxpayers. The action will result in an estimated 2014 levy tax rate of $3.55 per $1,000 of assessed property valuation, a decrease of about 11¢ from the 2013 levy tax rate.

Adaptative sports inspire new athletes

Adaptative sports inspire new athletes

Sports are an everyday part of life. We watch our favorite teams on T.V. and we shoot hoops with our friends at the neighborhood park. Most kids play on a sports team, and many are involved with a variety of sports. The ability to participate in a game of basketball or to go for a run is something that most people don’t realize is a great privilege in life. At least for the able bodied.

Deputies investigating random assault resembling 'knockout game'

A violent street game being played by teens across the country is making national headlines. It's called the 'knockout game' and in some cases deaths have been reported as a result of the game.

In a video posted to YouTube, teens from Pittsburgh sucker punch a school teacher as he walks by. He falls face first onto the curb, not moving as the group of teenagers laughs and walks away. The goal of knockout is to hit a stranger so hard that it knocks them out with one blow. Targets can be men, women and the elderly.

This past Saturday a man leaving the Hi-Co Mart at E. Sprague Ave. and N. Mullen Rd. was assaulted randomly by three white young men. The unprovoked attack is what lead deputies to compare this incident to the game of knockout.

Watching a blind side attack like that can be hard to stomach but for some it's all part of the knockout game. Spokane Valley Police think this violent game might be making it's way to Eastern Washington.

"Simply walks by, says, 'How's it going fellas?'" said Deputy Craig Chamberlin with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.