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Washington calls together the Keepers of the Capsule

Washington calls together the Keepers of the Capsule

Nearly 25 years years ago, 10-year-olds from across Washington State were sworn in as Keepers of the Washington Centennial Time Capsule. Now, the Keepers of the Capsule are being asked to convene once again to fill the next capsule chamber and recruit a new generation of capsule keepers.

Library and Balfour Park expansion approved

Library and Balfour Park expansion approved

From the City of Spokane Valley:

After many months of input by community members and collaborative effort by the steering committee, consultants, the City of Spokane Valley and Spokane County Library District, the Balfour Park/Library Conceptual site plan was unanimously approved by the Spokane Valley City Council on October 29, 2013.

In his presentation to the Council, Spokane Valley Parks & Recreation Director Mike Stone noted that the plan will "create a public gathering space for Spokane Valley that will also solidify a true sense of place within our city."

The site plan focuses on an 8.4 acre parcel of undeveloped property along Sprague Avenue just east of Herald Road. The site was acquired by the City in 2012 for expansion of Balfour Park as part of a partnership that allowed SCLD to purchase 2.5 acres of the parcel as a location for a proposed new library.

Police seek man who robbed pedicure cutsomer at gun point

Police seek man who robbed pedicure cutsomer at gun point

The Spokane Valley Police Department is looking for a man that robbed a woman at gunpoint while she was getting a pedicure in December 2012.

The victim was getting a pedicure at Super Nails located on North Pines in the Spokane Valley

Detectives pursuing vehicular homicide charges against teen driver

Spokane County Sheriff's deputies are pursuing vehicular homicides charges against the teen driver who killed two of his University High School classmates on Oct. 5.

Sophomores Josie Freier and McKenzie Mott died when the car they were in hit a curb, went airborne and slammed into a tree.

Previously it was revealed the 16-year-old driver was traveling at freeway speeds in a neighborhood where the posted speed limit is 25 miles an hour. Detectives have interviewed friends of the victim who say the trio had left a nearby party with the intention of doing something called the "Ponderosa Jump," a crest of a hill where, if you get enough speed, you can get your car airborne.

Friends, according to court documents, say this was not the first time the 16-year-old had jumped this hill in a car, but on Oct. 5, unfortunately, he lost control of his car before ever reaching the hill. He tried to steer his way through two curves, lost control and then ended up getting tossed into the air by a curb and then collided with a ponderosa pine.

Personalized license plates celebrate 40 years

Personalized license plates celebrate 40 years

From the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Label dating game leads to $165b annual food waste

Label dating game leads to $165b annual food waste

Americans waste $165 Billion worth of food each year, which averages out to about $2,200 per family. Part of that waste is caused by confusion over expiration labels.

What does sell by, use by, best by - and other labels really mean? And, will eating food past that date really make you sick?

A new study from the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic says date labels differ so widely that they are essentially useless. In fact, Washington State law only requires date labels on perishable foods. Idaho has no laws on the books requiring dates. This allows manufacturers to make their own choices about how and what they label.

As you walk through the aisles of the grocery store you pass by thousands of products and thousands of labels. Does the food go bad on its marked date? As we found out no. In fact, some of the foods we buy are still safe to eat months after the date stamped on the side.

Dates, in essence, don't tell the consumer anything about the safety of the food. We wanted to dig deeper, so two KXLY viewers allowed us to go inside their refrigerators with food safety expert Lisa Breen with the Spokane Regional Health District.

Bikini baristas on Spokane Valley city council agenda

Bikini baristas are on the agenda Tuesday night for the Spokane Valley City Council as the council will consider an ordinance that would require the baristas to cover up.

Council members will then decide if they want to table the discussion or move it ahead to a first reading next month.

No decision will be made Tuesday and the council will not take any public comment on the matter.

The Spokane City Council recently voted down a similar ordinance.