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One-car rollover sends two men to hospital

Washington State Patrol troopers are investigating a crash that sent two men to the hospital.

The crash happened in Liberty Lake, just before midnight Wednesday.

According to WSP, Dereck Collinson, 31, was driving his Ford Mustang west on Interstate 90 when he took the Mission Avenue exit.

Collinson blew through a stop sign at a high speed and wasn't able to turn, troopers said. The Mustang left the road, rolled and ejected Collinson. He was not wearing a seat belt, according to troopers.

Collinson's only passenger was Corey Bramble, 29, of Boise. He was wearing a seat belt.

Both men were transported to Sacred Heart Medical Center. Collinson is in critical condition, and Bramble is in serious condition.

WSP is still investigating the crash.

Boo! Spokane Valley Pool Transforms into Haunted House

Boo! Spokane Valley Pool Transforms into Haunted House

During the summer months the Valley Mission Pool is full of children laughing, now all you'll hear are screams!

This weekend, the Valley Mission Pool and locker rooms will be transformed into a spooky haunted house.  The haunted house will feature a zombie graveyard, tarp tunnel of terror and clown chaos.  If you bring a can of food to donate it's just $2 to get in.

Here are the details:

October 26th and 27th


11123 E. Mission Ave.

For more information, 509-720-5408 or jpapich@spokanevalley.org

Youth Leadership Summit gives students career ideas

From a former F-16 fighter pilot to the head of the Spokane FBI field office and an undefeated MMA fighter, teens listened to speakers talk to different careers at a Rotary Club sponsored Youth Leadership Summit Wednesday in Spokane Valley.

Students watched a reenactment of the Shellye Stark murder case and then heard from the police and prosecutors who took the convicted killer to court; it was a chance for them to see what it would like to pursue a career in law enforcement.

"I think it's really great to interact with the high school students and see that they have direction and motivation and goal," Deputy Prosecutor Tony Hazel said.

video Harrington High School student Gabriel Henneman knows money makes the world go around and Wednesday he listened to some good advice on how to get it.

"I'm mostly interested in being financially secure. That's a pretty broad range," he said.

The Liberty Lake Rotary Club sponsors the youth summit and considers the annual event an investment in our area's future.

Detectives working to return stolen jewelry to owners

Spokane Police used an elaborate sting operation to snare a Valley businessman suspected of buying thousands of dollars in stolen property and now they have a new problem: Returning all the stolen loot to its rightful owners.

You can still get manicures at Super Nails, located near Mission and Pines in Spokane Valley, but what police say you can't do is sell stolen property taken in residential burglaries. Detectives report the salon was not only an outlet for manis and pedis but for two years was also a fencing operation for stolen property.

Beginning in July, Tien Le told undercover investigators that he would buy all the gold and jewelry he could get his hands on, including high end watches that he would ship to friends or family in Vietnam.

Detectives, posing as burglars, then started showing up with electronics at the salon that was represented as being stolen and Le allegedly bought it.

video "The burglars would break into homes, steal property, and then fence it to Mr. Le, and then he would serve as a repository for all those stolen goods," Spokane Police spokesperson Officer Jennifer DeRuwe said.

Brothers arrested for raping teen

Sheriff's deputies have arrested two brothers for raping a 14-year-old girl after luring her away from a Value Village in Spokane Valley.�

Three teenage girls were at the Value Village when they were approached by four men in a car who invited them back to their apartment near the 500 block of South Farr Road.

One of the suspects, Ramadan Abbas, 19, was already going to stand trial next month on a strong arm robbery charge. Sheriff's deputies say while he was waiting for his next turn in court, Abbas and his brother Salah, 23, lured the trio of teenagers away from the store back to their apartment.

video When they arrived at the apartment, two of the men left, leaving the Abbas brothers in the apartment with the girls.

"Once they got back here to the apartment complex there was some alcohol and marijuana involved. Unfortunately two brothers, two adult brothers, took one of the girls and held her down and they both took turns repeatedly raping this 14-year-old," Deputy Craig Chamberlin with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office said.

New movie being shot in Spokane

A new movie is shooting in Spokane this month. It's written by and stars Spokane actors and features the unlikely friendship between two boys.

The abandoned Pratt Elementary�was the set�for Sunday's filming of "Different Drummers." The movie is based on the true life experiences of Lyle Hatcher and his friendship with David Dahlke, who had muscular dystrophy.�Hatcher co-wrote�the�book and screenplay with Don Caron.

"Back in 1965, David and�I met in the fourth grade, and�I was a bit of a hyper-problem and the teachers and principal were trying to slow me down," Hatcher said. "At that time,�I met my best friend in a wheelchair."video

The movie takes you through Lyle's and David's time at school. It will be rated "G" and is a coming of age tale.

The scene shot Sunday morning was the boys interaction on the playground with the janitor.

"About four scenes take place on the playground in the movie. It's scenes were our two boys are in it, our janitor Mr. Merrick...and then we've got about a 140 or so extras from first grade to sixth grade that have come today to be a part of these playground scenes," Producer Marc Dahlstrom said.

Legislative candidate Biviano posed for Playboy in '95

State legislative candidate Amy Biviano is slamming a "partisan agenda-driven website" for revealing she posed for Playboy while attending Yale University in 1995.

Biviano, a Democrat challenging Republican Rep. Matt Shea for the 4th District House of Representatives seat, said she doesn't regret posing for that photo, which was featured in a "Women of the Ivy League" pictorial while she was attending Yale.

The topless photo was revealed Friday by a conservative website called Western Center for Journalism, which claimed that Biviano, a wife, mother and Sunday School teacher, has seen her campaign against Shea "rocked" by the revelation of her appearance in Playboy 17 years ago.

Back at the time she posed for the pictorial, Amy Biviano, who was not married and went by her maiden name Amy Nabors, wrote for the Yale Herald after posing for Playboy, wrote that she knew that her future would be impacted by her decision to pose for the magazine.