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Woman facing prison for pot grow found in home daycare

Woman facing prison for pot grow found in home daycare

A Spokane Valley woman, who thought the legalization of marijuana would make her rich, is heading to prison for growing marijuana in her home, which she was also using as an unlicensed day care.

This case puts a fine point on the fact that growing and selling marijuana is still illegal. Tina Jones was selling marijuana to West Valley High School students, and it's those young customers who ratted her out.

It took almost a year for detectives to get inside Jones' drug-dealing operation. School Resource Deputy Ed Cashman wanted to figure out where all the marijuana in his school was coming from.

"He was making a lot of arrests with young people at the school for possession of marijuana. Through his investigation they were all basically telling him this residence was the go-to house for anybody who wanted to purchase marijuana," Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

SRHD releases revised walking map

SRHD releases revised walking map

After asking for public opinion in July, the Spokane Regional Health District has released their revised Spokane Area Walking and Hiking map. The map features several walking loops throughout Spokane County of varying difficulty, and even though the weather is cooling down there’s still time to hit the trail.  

Application process open for Teachers & Technology grants

Application process open for Teachers & Technology grants

CenturyLink has opened the application process for their Clarke M. Williams Foundation's Teachers and Technology grant program. The foundation will award $90,000 in grants across Washington to support technology in the classroom.

“With technology such a normal part of our everyday lives, teachers are constantly finding new and creative ways to use technology in their classrooms,” CenturyLink Eastern Washington Vice President and General Manager Tom Novtoney said. “This is a great opportunity for CenturyLink to help by identifying some of those teachers, recognizing them for their innovation, and supporting them with financial assistance to expand their use of technology even further.”

Spokane Valley business fined for mishandling dangerous waste

From the Washington State Department of Ecology:


N.A. Degerstrom Inc. will pay the state $40,000 to settle recent violations for mishandling dangerous waste at its Spokane Valley property.


In response to a complaint in May, Washington Department of Ecology inspectors found two illegal disposal pools of chemicals on the company’s property. The pools were filled with a variety of chemicals, some which require special disposal under state law.


NAD hired contractor Able Cleanup Technologies to remove the waste from the pools, excavate the contaminated soil, and properly dispose the materials.


Man robs store with mom out in car

A man allegedly robbed a Spokane Valley Dollar Store with his mom in the car, and Spokane County Sheriff's deputies used their own credit cards to get the woman a room at a nearby Comfort Inn.

At about 8:30 p.m. Monday night, Harley Smerz and his mother pulled off the interstate and stopped at the Dollar Tree on Argonne to get some bottled water.

"The employee told deputies Mr. Smerz came in, purchased bottled water and while she was giving him his change he reached over, pushed her hand out of the way and grabbed a fairly large amount of money out of the cash register," said Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin.

Employees followed Smerz outside and got a good description of a blue Ford with North Carolina plates speeding away.

Deputy Nathan Bohanek stopped Smerz after he was back on the interstate and that's when Smerz's mom got the bad news.

"Mr. Smerz's mother was extremely apologetic. She was very upset with what her son had done and very apologetic to the deputies that her son had put them in that situation," Chamberlin said.

Officers search for Spokane Valley burglary suspect

Officers search for Spokane Valley burglary suspect

Spokane County Sheriff's Officers are searching for suspects involved in a early morning home burglary on Monday.

Just before 6:00 a.m., a Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputy responded to a residential burglary call near 11300 E. Jackson Road. The deputy spoke with the homeowner who told him he woke up at about 5:15 a.m. to let their dog out when he noticed the south facing window in the living room was open. The homeowner said he was positive it was closed when he went to bed. When he looked outside the window, he saw the screen lying up against the house.

The homeowner said he looked around the kitchen and saw his wallet was missing from the kitchen counter. He went outside and found his wife's purse and all its contents scattered under a car port. The homeowner reported his cards stolen and found out his debit card had been used three times in Spokane Valley.

Driver in fatal teen crash could face charges

The teen driver in a crash that killed two University High students could be charged with vehicular homicide.

Sophomores Josie Freier and McKenzie Mott died after the car they were in hit a curb, went airborne and slammed into a tree.

Investigators studying the crash scene on Bates Road near Ponderosa Drive found excessive speed caused the crash.

That along with the driver's own serious injuries are certainly things the prosecutor will take into consideration, but it appears that several laws have been broken here including driving at Interstate 90 speeds down a residential street where the posted limit is just 25 miles an hour.

Investigators say the 16 year old was speeding down a hill when his tires lost traction with the roadway in a turn and then slammed into a curb.

"You can see where the front left tire of the vehicle scrubs against the curb and then overcorrects once again, continues to the east curb," said Spokane County Sheriff Deputy Craig Chamberlin.

Gouges from tire rims show the Infinity was actually sideways when it hit the curb for the last time and then launched into the air towards a very large ponderosa pine.