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Law enforcement officials help dispose of prescription drugs

It's been three long years since Mickey Cote's husband died of heart failure.

She hid his prescriptions in her closet, not ready to throw them out, until the Spokane County Sheriff's Office made it easy and safe to do so Saturday morning.

"And I go 'Okay this is the time,'" said Mickey Cote. "'I'm going to do it now, going to do it today or you'll never do it'. . . I thought it was just time for me now to start with a fresh slate and I need to clean things out," she added.

Friends hope to find a home for Teresa

When Teresa Adams purchased her mobile home in 2000 she thought she finally had a home that she could build into her own castle and rebuild her life. Now, the walls of her castle are threatening to cave in and the community has stepped up to help her rebuild her kingdom.

“It’s falling apart,” said Teresa. “It’s my castle and my castle is crumbling.”

Man struck by vehicle in critical condition

Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputies responded to a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision on Sprague Avenue near Pines Road around 6 p.m. Wednesday night.

According to witnesses a 23-year-old male was waiting for the bus on the north side of Sprague when he ran across both lanes of traffic in an attempt to reach the other side.

A vehicle traveling eastbound on Sprague struck the pedestrian on the driver's side.

The 43-year-old driver is cooperating with police and it does appear that he was impaired in any way.

The pedestrian was transported to a local hospital in critical condition.

Get an oil change and help Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels programs across the country have been hit hard by cuts to federal funding and now the Spokane Valley program is worried they may not be able to get some meals delivered after one of their vehicles broke down, but there?s something you can do to help them out Thursday.

A standard oil change at Clark?s Automotive is pretty reasonable at $24. But owner Chris Clark doesn?t want your money Thursday; instead he wants your cash to go to a program that desperately needs it. This year devastating federal cuts left Meals on Wheels offices struggling to continue serving the elderly in our community.

The Spokane Valley program is doing just that -- barely -- but they?re short two delivery vehicles. Getting those meals out with at least one more van would make a world of difference.

"It's crazy you know, there?s a difficulty getting all the meals to our meal sites, there?s a difficulty delivering the meals to the drop-off points where the volunteers pick them up. It has just made it a nightmare," Pam Almeida with Meals on Wheels said.

Family feud ends with one brother dead, one in jail

A family feud between brothers that's been going on for more than a decade ended with a fatal shooting in Spokane Valley Tuesday when 22-year-old Ryan Ames shot and killed his half-brother David McCarthy.

McCarthy had worn out his welcome at his brother?s house after he allegedly assaulted his mother and father and brother several years ago. When McCarthy allegedly disregarded his little brother's orders not to come on the property, Ames blasted him with a shotgun.

It's not the first time neighbors had watched Ames and his big brother squabble in the front yard only this time there was a lot more than just shouting.

?Evidently two adult relatives were having some sort of confrontation in the front yard,? Spokane County Sheriff?s Deputy Craig Chamberlin said. ?The suspect took a shotgun out of his vehicle at this residence and shot the victim in the abdomen.?

Witnesses ran to the mortally injured man while Ames rearmed himself with a .44 caliber pistol.

"All I hear is 'Yeah you better effing lay there, don't move,?" Ashland Lafortune said.

Morning Star becomes a Firewise Community

Morning Star becomes a Firewise Community

Chainsaws were buzzing at Morning Star Boys Ranch on Wednesday morning as crews worked to better prepare the land to defend itself against a wildfire. Morning Star teamed up with the Spokane Conservation District to become a Firewise Community and are hoping others in Spokane County will follow suit.

Washington recycles 200 million pounds of electronics

Washington recycles 200 million pounds of electronics

From the Washington Department of Ecology:

Washington’s nationally recognized E-Cycle Washington program has achieved a milestone by collecting 200 million pounds of TVs, computers and monitors for free recycling. Two-hundred million pounds equals the weight of 361 fully loaded Boeing 787 Dreamliners.