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Heroin addict broke into Valley home as elderly couple slept upstairs

Imagine being sound asleep as someone ransacked your home. That's what happened to a Spokane Valley couple when their home was burglarized by an admitted heroin addict.

While the thief got lucky he ultimately didn't get away with it.

On Wednesday morning, everything seemed normal for Donald and Sibylle. He got out of bed to make coffee.

"I noticed that our coats were on the kitchen floor," Donald said.

Strange, he thought. And then noticed change on the kitchen floor and somehow the dog got in.

"I went out to the garage and the main rollup door was open," Donald said.

Donald then asked his wife, who was still in bed, where her car was.

"I said 'Where is your car?' and she said 'It's in the garage.' I said 'No it's not.'"

That's when he called 911 and by that time it was clear they'd been burglarized.

"And the whole time we were sound asleep in bed," Donald said.

Just 33 hours later, police caught the suspect, a 26-year-old admitted heroin addict who told detectives he remembered looking in on the sleeping couple as he stole their money, their laptops and finally their car.

West Valley investigating possible luring incident

The West Valley School District has informed parents about a potential luring incident that happened Thursday evening in the Frasier Estates area.

According to the district, the incident involved a white male driving a small, dirty red sedan. No additional information about the suspect's description is available.

While the incident happened Thursday, it was not reported until Friday. Once the district found out they contacted district security officers and sent a voice mail to parents notifying them of the incident.

Parents and children alike were reminded that if they observe a situation like this to call 911 immediately.

Students gather quilts to keep troops warm this winter

When the 455th Army Engineering Company based in Hayden deployed to Afghanistan, their leader, a Central Valley music teacher, wanted his students to make a difference, and as the Afghan winter grows colder the students are ready to help the troops keep warm.

When he's not leading combat engineers in Afghanistan, Captain Mason Flemmer is a music teacher at Central Valley High School. Many of Flemmer's students were at his company's deployment ceremony in August, but it may have been hard for them to recognize their fun-loving teacher as he gave a very serious interview about the very serious work his soldiers would be doing.

"Running route clearance packages through Afghanistan and our main mission is to find and defeat all IEDs," Flemmer said.

He asked his orchestra students to accomplish another mission: To gather as many homemade quilts as possible and ship them to his troops. One of his orchestra students, John Rouse, helped pack up quilts to ship them over to his teacher.

"He exemplifies everything it means to be a teacher and a soldier," Rouse said.��

Santa Express opens Saturday

Santa Express opens Saturday

Santa Express opens for the holiday shopping season on Saturday. The annual fundraiser for the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery allows young shoppers to pick out Christmas gifts for friends and family.

With the help of Santa’s elves, shoppers between the ages of four and 12 choose and wrap gifts for everyone on their list. All of the gifts at Santa Express are between $0.50 and $8. Parents and other adults can choose gifts and stocking stuffers outside of the workshop at the Vanessa’s Village boutique.

Patty Murray remembers JFK

Patty Murray remembers JFK

Senator Patty Murray released the following statement on the 50th anniversary of the President John F. Kennedy's death:

Like so many Americans I still vividly remember November 22nd, 1963. As an 8th grader in my small hometown of Bothell, Washington I still remember playing in our school’s marching band in front of a local elementary school when someone came in and whispered in the ear of our band director. He immediately stopped the song we were playing, asked us to pull out the music to God Bless America, and we began to play. Then there was an announcement that the President had been shot. It was stunning.

I also remember going home and seeing my mom do two things that she never did, watch TV all day and cry. For me, it was the day the world got bigger than the small town I lived in. And from that day on, the Kennedy legacy of service was talked about often in my house. Those conversations helped instill in all of my brothers and sisters the knowledge that we have to be part of the bigger world beyond our own home and that we should work where we could to make our school, our community, and the world a better place.

Prosecutor rules deadly officer-involved shooting justified

Prosecutor rules deadly officer-involved shooting justified

Spokane County prosecutors have concluded a deputy-involved shooting in Spokane Valley last June was justified.

Several officers were sent to an apartment on McDonald Road after someone there called 9-1-1 and hung up. Unfortunately it was Roy Jacobs, the victim himself, who dialed 9-1-1 that night not once but three times. Jacobs told dispatchers he had a warrant for unpaid child support but deputies didn't responded until that 9-1-1 hang-up call.

The arriving officers found a woman struggling to take a knife away from Jacobs, who was sitting in a chair.

The deputies managed to drag her out of the room and that's when Jacobs stood up and allegedly walked towards deputies with a knife.

"[The] deputy involved in the shooting was literally backed into an actual corner in the residence, could not do anything further, did everything he possible could to talk our suspect down, to have him drop the knife and he just failed to comply and kept egressing towards our deputies," Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

That's why prosecutors said that Deputy Jerad Keihn's use of deadly force was justified and no laws were broken.

Lilac Festival announces Fab 14

Lilac Festival announces Fab 14

The Spokane Lilac Festival is excited to announce that they have selected the 2014 Double the Lilacs, Double the Fun Fab 14.

Candidates were narrowed down from 29 eligible schools. The Fab 14 will compete for a scholarships and a spot in the 2014 Royal Court.