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Rejoice fritter fans! It's National Doughnut Day!

Rejoice fritter fans! It's National Doughnut Day!

Friday is National Doughnut Day, also known as, well, Friday among journalists, and what better way to celebrate to celebrate the holiday that with a couple dozen maple bars, apple fritters and bear claws.

One of the biggest boosters for National Doughnut Day every day is Brenda Rigby, the manager of Scrumdiddlyumptious Donuts and reigning donut queen, who her regulars call a bit of a spark plug.

"She is like a firecracker, you never know what's going to happen," Tom Peterson said.

"Twinkle toes, just a nickname, she is always on the go," Del Murphy said.

Peterson and Murphy are at her donut shop every day.

"It's great having them here. And Deputy Craig [Chamberlin] was here and it is always good to see him," Rigby said.

Chamberlin was in rare form Friday morning, talking with the Salvation Army's Sheila Gearaghty about why donuts came about in the first place. The answer? The Salvation Army created them to hand out to soldiers, or rather doughboys, during World War I.

Public comment sought on Browns Park Master Plan

Public comment sought on Browns Park Master Plan

From the City of Spokane Valley:

Teen struck by Sheriff's deputy patrol car removed from life support

Teen struck by Sheriff's deputy patrol car removed from life support

The 15-year-old boy hit by Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy nearly weeks ago, has died. Ryan Holyk's parents took to Facebook Wednesday night to let people on his support page know that he was taken off of life support.

Holyk was riding his bike on the night of Friday, May 23 near the intersection of Vista and Sprague when he was hit by patrol vehicle driven by 25 year veteran Joseph Bodman.

Officials say Deputy Bodman was rushing to a domestic violence call when Holyk crossed on his bike against a do not walk sign. Witnesses and investigators say Deputy Bodman had the green light, but his patrol lights weren't on.

The collision sent Holyk to Sacred Heart Hospital where he remained in critical condition until he was removed from his ventilator.

Ryan's mother thanked the community for their support on Facebook.

"Everyone has been so wonderful," she said. "I could not ask for a better community. From the kind words to the amazing acts of kindness. You have all blown me away. We have an astounding community."

She also said that they will donate his organs, so that another family can experience a miracle.

Spokane County Sheriff's deputy hits teen with patrol car

 Spokane County Sheriff's deputy hits teen with patrol car

A teenage boy riding his bike was hit by a Spokane County sheriff deputy's patrol car Friday night at 10:45. That boy has been identified as 15 year old Ryan Holyk.

We spoke to one man who says he saw everything. Jordan Gish says, "First I heard a squeal from the tires. And next thing you know the officer struck him."

A detective with the Sheriff's office says the deputy was traveling west on Sprague to assist another officer at a domestic violence call when he struck the teen at the intersection with Vista. Spokane Police have taken over the investigation. They say the deputy did have a green light.

Lt. Steve Barbieri, "The deputy saw the juvenile in the road way, swerved to try and avoid him and was unable to. "

Witnesses also say the deputy had the right-of-way but did not have his emergency lights or sirens on and was traveling at a high rate of speed.

"As soon as he got out of the car he talked to someone else saying I was going 60, I was trying to get to the domestic violence call," said Gish.

Navy SEAL expresses grave concern about Bergdahl prisoner swap

Navy SEAL expresses grave concern about Bergdahl prisoner swap

Navy SEAL Jason Redman, who captured enemy insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan during his tour of duty, expressed his anger about the five prisoners the U.S. swapped for Bowe Bergdahl's release from the Taliban while talking with local law enforcement officers at Gonzaga University Wednesday.

Redman, who was shot eight times in an al-Qaida ambush in 2007, worries some detainees freed from Guantanamo Bay are the same people his unit faced on the battlefield.

Redman was in Spokane Wednesday to talk to approximately 200 local law enforcement officers, Washington State troopers and airmen from Fairchild Air Force Base at Gonzaga University, sharing his incredible story of survival and determination.

While on tour in Iraq, Redman's team faced a life or death situation when they hit an ambush.

"Unfortunately we walked right into an ambush situation," he said. "They had pre-staged fighting positions, two PKM machine guns. multiple AK-47s."

Vivint shuttering Liberty Lake call center

Vivint shuttering Liberty Lake call center

A year ago Friday Greater Spokane Incorporated announced that Vivint was bringing 400 jobs to a new call center in Liberty Lake. On Tuesday the company announced it was closing its office before the end of this month.

In a written statement from Starr Fowler, Vice President of Human Resources for Vivint, the company confirmed it was shuttering its Liberty Lake call center on June 27.

"At that time all employees are eligible to receive severance, and some employees will be offered the opportunity to relocate to Provo, UT," Fowler said in the statement.

While Greater Spokane Inc. was excited about the announcement that new jobs were coming to the Spokane area, with a GSI official calling it "a huge economic impact for Liberty Lake". Vivint came to the area under a cloud of numerous complaints for its practices, and faced lawsuits brought by five state attorneys general for deceptive sales practices.

At the time of the announcement, GSI was unaware of the myriad of past problems the company faced nationwide including 2,092 separate complaints filed against the company in a three year period prior to the company moving to Liberty Lake last summer.

After five years in captivity Bergdahl faces long recovery

After five years in captivity Bergdahl faces long recovery

Long time Spokane resident Dale Storr remembers what its like to come home after being a prisoner of war, and said that Bowe Bergdahl has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

In 1991, Storr was an Air Force A-10 pilot who was shot down and held captive by Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard for 33 days. During his captivity he endured torture and even bombing by American warplanes. Lt. Col. Storr, who retired from the 141st Air Refueling Wing after 28 years of service in 2011, remembers the savage and brutal treatment he received at the hands of his Iraqi captors.

Throw in five years Bergdahl's been held prisoner and no one expect him to make a speedy recovery.

Storr was on his 17th mission on February 2, 1991 when his aircraft was hit during a strafing run. The strike severed the control cables of his plane as well as damaged his radio.

"Fortunately for me I ejected just in time, just before the plane hit the ground, got the chute. I landed without injuries and as soon as I was on the ground I could see the truck with the Iraqis coming to get me," he recalled.