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Spokane Valley Woman Receives Statewide Award

Spokane Valley Woman Receives Statewide Award

The Executive Director for the Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations has been named a Health Champion for “Empowering a Healthy Community”.  Dr. Martina Whelshula, Ph.D. was recently recognized by the Washington State Public Health Association (WSPHA).

Spokane Valley looking for input on proposed new library

Spokane Valley looking for input on proposed new library

The city of Spokane Valley is looking for your input on the proposed new library and Balfour Park expansion.

Future plans will be discussed at a public meeting at 6:00pm on Monday, April 22 at the Spokane Valley Library at 12004 E. Main.

Officials will present an overview of the library and park design process. Those who come to the meeting will be put into small groups to brainstorm, and then all will come together to share ideas.

Spokane Valley aquired 8.4 acres of land along the north side of Sprague between Herald and west of Balfour Park. The library may purchase a portion of that land for a future library. That move would have to be approved by voters.

For more information on this meeting, contact Parks & Recreation Director Mike Stone at mstone@spokanevalley.org or (509) 720-5400.

City wants input on proposed University overpass at I-90

City wants input on proposed University overpass at I-90

Now is your chance to include your input on a possible new I-90 overpass at University Road in Spokane Valley. The city is hosting a public workshop next week to discuss the proposed overpass.

The city believes a new overpass at the site would improve car, bike and pedestrian access to the area.

The community meeting is Wednesday, April 17 from 6-8 p.m. at the Spokane Valley Fire Administration Building at 2120 N. Wilbur Road.

Topics to be discussed at the meeting include: estimated cost, environmental impact and possible crossing locations.

Authorities trying to identify stolen jewelry

Authorities trying to identify stolen jewelry

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help in identifying recovered stolen jewely. 

On Wednesday, March 27, Spokane Valley Property Crimes Detectives served a search warrant near the 14100 block of E. 23rd Ave. An investigation found this home to be connected to several residential burglaries where several jewelry items were stolen. 

In the home, detectives recovered several stolen pieces. 21-year-old Vyacheslav Znovets and 25-year-old Marina Florianovich were both arrested at the scene. Znovets was booked into the Spokane County Jail for Residential Burglary and Florianovich was booked for Trafficking In Stolen Property.

Photographs of the recovered jewelry are available for viewing on the Sheriff's Office Facebook page. If you crecognize any of the recovered items you are asked to contact Detective Darin Staley at 509-477-3363. Reference incident #95366.

Grade school teacher wins key to the city

Grade school teacher wins key to the city


An elementary school teacher was given the key to the city Tuesday evening.

Greenacres Elementary School first-grade teacher JoAnn Dowling was presented the honor by Spokane Valley mayor Tom Towey and the SV City Council.

“Mrs. Dowling is exactly the kind of person we want to recognize with this program,” Towey said. “She is someone who is making a difference through the everyday work she does, but who might not otherwise be widely known in the community.”

The Community Recognition Program – a part of the city's 10 year anniversary – counts Dowling as its first recipient. Someone will be honored each month.

Kim Johnson, whose daughter used to be in Dowling's class, nominated the teacher.

BBB identifies top scams of 2012

Here are BBB's Top 10 Scams of 2012:

Top Overpayment/Fake Check Scam: Car Ads

The online ad says something like "Get Paid Just for Driving Around" - a prominent company is offering $400+ per week if you'll drive around with their logo all over your car. They send a check to you, which you are supposed to deposit in your account and then wire part of the payment to the graphic designer who will customize the ad for your vehicle. Whoops! A week later, the check bounces, the graphic designer is nowhere to be found, and you are out the money you wired.

Top Emergency Scam: Grandparents Scam

Locally Made Movie Premiers Tonight!

Locally Made Movie Premiers Tonight!

After months of shooting and editing a local filmmaker is ready to premiere her latest movie, The Merry Graingers.

The movie, produced and directed by Serena Belsby, is about a feuding family finding peace in the midst of tragedy.

The world premiere of the movie is set for tonight at 7 pm at the Bing Crosby Theater at 901 W Sprague. 

Staying true to the roots of the film, a hay carpet will take the place of the traditional red carpet.

Tickets are $13. For more information check out the official movie website.