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Detectives need help identifying these suspects

Detectives need help identifying these suspects

Spokane Valley Detectives need the public's help identifying these two men, suspected of stealing from ATM and vending machines. 

These surveillance photos are from Valley Hospital Security after these suspects allegedly broke into and stole money from a vending machine.

Detectives are currently investigating multiple vending machine thefts and believe these two suspects are linked to the ATM thefts that took place this September at the Spokane County Interstate Fair. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.

Local film maker seeking donations

Local film maker seeking donations

Lights, Camera, Action! - The rolling hills of the Palouse set the stage for a locally produced film about a feuding family finding peace in the midst of tragedy.

The movie is called "The Merry Graingers" and its been a labor of love for Serena Belsby who wrote the script after a family member died a few years ago. 

According to Belsby, the movie opens with the Grainger family preparing for their father's funeral.  As the film progresses, relationships change and they begin to enjoy each others company.

"We take the ride with them and see a bit of ourselves in them," writes Belsby

"It ends on an upbeat note and we realize they are going to be okay and they are going to start to accept one another warts and all. The film is about hope and acceptance."

With an Independent Film Project sponsorship, Belsby has had enough money to shoot the movie but now she needs help finishing it.

Sleep or Eat? It's a tough choice for one Spokane baby

My adorable 10-month old son, Hunter really likes to eat. Okay, maybe that's an understatement. He loves to eat. In fact, he already eats double what my daughter ate at his age. I like to say he gets it from his dad!

He loves bananas, cereal puffs and then there are graham crackers - don't get me started. He can't have too many graham crackers - even when he's exhausted and can barely stay awake.

Super fans prepare for 'Dark Knight' marathon

With the release of  the final Dark Knight triology movie almost upon us, super fans are gearing up for the last movie. Tonight, Regal cinemas is featuring a Dark knight marathon starting at 6:30 p.m.

The first two movies, "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" will be shown first, culminating with the midnight debut of "The Dark Knight Rises." Tickets are $25, including a free popcorn.

“This is more than a one-night-only event. The marathon is an evening that many of these moviegoers will talk about and remember for many years to come. The chance to see the entire trilogy on the big screen leading up to the midnight premiere is monumental to many of these movie fans,” said Russ Nunley, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Regal Entertainment Group.  “If you come, expect to see many moviegoers dressed as their favorite characters.  Experiencing the crowd is part of the fun at these events.”

Spokane has two Regal locations, Regal Northtown Mall 12 and Regal Spokane Valley 12.

Valley hitchhiker finds a ride to jail

Valley hitchhiker finds a ride to jail

A Spokane Valley hitchhiker looking for a ride "downtown" ended up getting exactly what he wanted, sort of.

Around 11:30 Wednesday, Spokane Valley Deputy Kullman was driving westbound on Sprague near Vista Road. As he was driving, a man stepped out in front of his car. That man was trying to hitchhike - in the middle of the road.

The hitchiker, 51-year-old David Cooke, said he was looking for a ride downtown, but said he didn't mean to step out in front of a police officer.

Deputy Kullman ran Cooke's name through dispatch. He found Cooke was an armed career criminal with a lengthy history. The Deputy asked to search Cooke's belongings - he found Cyrstal Meth in a plastic baggie. Cooke said he had no idea where the powder came from.

Deptuy Kullman proceeded to give Cooke a ride "downtown" and booked him into the Spokane County Jail on a felony charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Seattle Man Starts Bike Trip Around the World

Seattle Man Starts Bike Trip Around the World

With a strong tail wind, 62-year old Darby Roach and his best friend Mike Mann, cruise into Airway Heights on two wheels.  If you've driven Highway 2 in the past three days you may know who I'm talking about.  They're the two guys on loaded down bicycles, with the sneaky smiles and gusto of young men on an adventure of a lifetime.

Roach and Mann are on a mission to first bike across the United States and then the world.  The pair left Wenatchee Sunday morning and arrived in Spokane Wednesday night. In all, they've logged about 140 miles so far. Their goal is to get to Boston by the end of the Summer.  From there, Roach will fly solo to Europe where he plans to spend the next 3 years seeing the world. From the narrow streets of Paris to the snow covered peaks of Chile, Roach plans to pedal every mile of the way. 

What? Is he crazy? Who would do such a thing? All questions that ran through my mind when Roach told me about his ambitious goal. To understand this wild dream, you have to understand the wild man on the bike.  I don't think he'll mind my choice adjective, he raised me after all.