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Adopt these kitties!
Adopt these kitties!

Most of our awesome little "famous" foster kitties are ready for adoption.  The white kittens (all boys) you see in this picture are big enough and healthy enough for their new homes. 

I call them famous, because of their names.  My kids were in charge of naming these critters.  When new owners step forward, I suspect some of these names will change. The boys are: "Tobey" Maguire, "Rocky" Balboa and "Paw" Newman.

Momma kitty, Snooki is also ready.  She is a beautiful, friendly cat that likes lots of lovin'.

The gray and orange tabbies, both girls, just need to put on a little weight.  They'll hang out at our house for another week or so, putting on a few more ounces, then, they, too will be ready for adoption. By the way, I should mention the controversy regarding the girls' names. 

The orange one is Foxy.  Actually it's Foxy Cleopatra (from Austin Powers).  Before we knew she was a she, it was Michael J Fox.  The gray one is Katniss, named for the main character in the Hunger Games (unless you ask my daughters.. they call her Twanda.. from Fried Green Tomatoes).

You gotta have a little fun! Contact SpokAnimal for information on adopting these little sweethearts at 534-8133 or click here.


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