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SCRAPS wraps Empty the Shelter 2012 | Pets

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SCRAPS wraps Empty the Shelter 2012
SCRAPS wraps Empty the Shelter 2012


The idea came from a children's book that advocated giving shelter dogs a break from the kennel. And for the second straight year, Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service tried to complete the daunting task of clearing the kennel before the New Year.

After December 2012 wrapped up there were only two adoptable cats and two adoptable dogs left at the facility, with 146 adoptions completed.

“We got to 98 percent of our goal,” Nancy Hill, animal protection director, said.

Hill said she got the idea for the Clear the Kennel effort when she read “A Dog Named Christmas” – a story about a boy who convinces families to take dogs out of the shelter for Christmas.

“I thought, 'Hey, what a really good idea.' But let's not just take them out, let's get them adopted and forever out of the shelters.”

For just the licensing fee – $25 for a dog, $15 for a cat – families came in and picked out their next best friend.

“We are in the positive-outcome business,” Hill said. “It's a feel-good thing. The people in the community love it. The animals absolutely love it. And it's great for our staff: We all want to see adoptions happen.”

Hill said she hopes to do the event next year, depending on how many donations they get throughout 2013.

“It really is heartwarming to see the support of the community and that they really care about the plight of homeless pets.”


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