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A Shadowy Adventure In Kitty Sitting

A Shadowy Adventure In Kitty Sitting

Yet another clever name my kids have chosen for one of our foster kitties. This "tuxedo" kitten's name is Shadow.   Shadow is a bit on the spazzy side; super energetic and really funny.

My picture isn't clear, at all, because I couldn't get Shadow to hold still! That said, when Shadow settles down, you'll get lots of great snuggles and purrs.

Most of the kittens in this litter will be spayed and neutered next week. Shortly after that, they'll be ready for adoption at SpokAnimal.      

To read all of Robyn's adventures in kitty sitting, visit the Pets tag on KXLY's Your Community

Adventures in Kitty Sitting: Little Grey

Adventures in Kitty Sitting: Little Grey

Here is the latest on our foster kitties. We just had the "babies" weighed and checked for parasites. All clear and looking good! They are done with the medicine and are gaining weight, getting closer to being ready for adoption.

This little guy I'm featuring has been named "Kitty Kitty" by my kids. It's very creative, I know. Equally as creative is what I call it... "Grey"  or "Little Grey".  (If you are a fan of Grey's Anatomy, you may also want to call this kitty Lexi).

Little Grey is hilarious.  It is usually the first one racing out of the cage, climbing over its siblings in the process.  It is also the first to wrestle with a plastic shopping bag on the floor, or the first to try climbing up my leg.

Four of these kittens will be spayed or neutered next week, then they'll be ready for new homes through SpokAnimal.  The 5th (the runt) still needs to catch up on the weight gain, then she'll be ready to roll, too.


Adventures in Kitty Sitting: Here's Our Sneaky Chee

Adventures in Kitty Sitting: Here's Our Sneaky Chee

All of our foster kitties are doing great! They are eating well.. and most are even getting nice round bellies on them.

One of those little ones getting quite “fluffy” is Chee (in the picture above). I went up to feed and play with the little guys and Chee snuck off into the closet.

It looks like she is sticking her tongue out at me to get me to chase her. (It totally worked). She is so full of energy and is hysterical to watch. She is the “pouncer” of the bunch. It's so fun to see her sneak up on the other kittens and play fight.

When the time is right, I'd love to see her adopted in a home with one of her siblings since she is so social.

Kitty Sitting Adventures: Our First Roadblock

Kitty Sitting Adventures: Our First Roadblock

My family's adventure in kitty-sitting took a turn, just a week into fostering kittens for SpokAnimal.  We have a little of 5 kitties. They were teeny, tiny when we got them, weighing less than a pound a piece. Our job is to fatten them up and love on them; socialize them so they are ready for their new homes.

But, with kitties found and brought in, there's no way to know what they've been exposed to. When we got them they seemed healthy.. but, about a week in, we noticed one, the runt started getting sick. She had nasty diarrhea, wouldn't eat and was lethargic. We called SpokAnimal who had us bring her in right away.

It turns out, she had a parasite called coccidia (among the most common infections in cats and dogs).  She was very sick.  A tech at SpokAnimal, Trina, has been nursing her back to health. Trina's had to give her special feedings every 2 hours and medicines. It's been a week and she's ready to come back home with us and her kitty siblings.

Trina was wonderful, sending us picture and text updates.

Adventures In Kitty Sitting

Adventures In Kitty Sitting

One of the highlights of my oldest daughter's 8th grade year has been her Social Studies class.  A year-long assignment (given by Mr. Smith at Horizon Middle School) has given her a new view and confidence, as she took what she loves and turned it into a community-helping venture. 

Mr. Smith's assignment was "Service Learning".  Each student has been required to give 8 volunteer hours to a local charity/non-profit, a tri-mester. McKensie loves animals!  I suggested she volunteer at a local animal shelter, so she could use that love of caring for animals to help the community. 

Since I'm friends with Gail Mackie, Executive Director of SpokAnimal, we went there first.  She's been learning what happens at a shelter, the need that is out there and the importance of helping socialize the animals.

During her/our  volunteer time (I had to volunteer alongside her, as she is under 16 years old) we learned about "fostering".  There are many animals that are too young, underweight or not well enough to be adopted out right away.

Two dogs saved from Bowdish duplex fire

Two dogs saved from Bowdish duplex fire

A structure fire broke out at a Spokane Valley duplex Tuesday afternoon. It was spotted by watchful neighbors across the street. A Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy happened to be nearby and was the first to respond. Deputy Walker went inside the duplex to shout an evacuation order, but both units were unoccupied at the time.

Fire crews arrived around 2:47 p.m. to attack the fire from the back of the duplex. Meanwhile two dogs were rescued from the units. More crews arrived and the fire was extinguished quickly and contained to just one duplex unit and the attic.

Spokane Valley Fire says the incident is still under investigation, but it appears the fire started on the rear deck. Damage is estimated at $60,000.

This isn’t the first fire to start this spring on decks, so the department hopes homeowners are careful about extinguishing smoking materials and do not leave hot barbecues unattended.

County Commissioner Pitches New Animal Facility Proposal

A new proposal is being shopped around to local elected officials. The proposal could build a new regional animal facility that voters turned down last November. After going back to the drawing board, Spokane County Commission Todd Mielke, says the proposal is cheaper by a few million.

The original concept was estimated to be about $15 million. When the proposal made the ballot last year, it was reduced to $9.3 million to convert an already existing building into what they’d need. That was voted down.

The new plan has been reduced to $4.5 million and would take over an existing building. Mielke says they have three choices, one at the vacant Harley Davidson building on East Trent, another in a now vacant mattress building north of Sprague and Fancher. Another on the east end of the Fairgrounds on Broadway that went on the market last week.

If approved by all the jurisdictions, this proposal doesn’t need voter approval because it’s below $6.5 million.