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East Valley School Superintendent Resigns

East Valley School Superintendent Resigns

Big changes are in store for the East Valley School District after an announcement tonight that Superintendent John Glenewinkel has resigned.

The emergency school board meeting was announced last minute, but that didn't stop district employees and parents from showing up.

Glenewinkel was not at the meeting, but after a short, closed door discussion the board announced his resignation and read a statement saying he had determined he was not "the right person to move the district forward."

Glenewinkel's resignation did not surprise many, but not everyone was happy about it including Rush Gifford.

"I'm really angry, I think this is the wrong way for the district to go," she said after the announcement."

Gifford has four children that attend the East Valley School District and doesn't believe the change in leadership will benefit anyone.

"The biggest thing," Gifford continued, "is that a bond hasn't passed in years."

Parents get invasive to protect kids online

Parents get invasive to protect kids online

Parents are looking for ways to monitor their children's social media activities after students at two area high schools received death threats from a fellow student.

Two days ago a 16-year-old Shadle Park High School student was arrested after she made threats to one of her fellow students as well as another student from a nearby district. Now school administrators are asking parents to make changes so that another incident doesn't occur.

In the Anderson household privacy while communicating, no matter what form, isn't really an option.

"It has always stood that I will monitor phones, internet, TV, video games," mother Shelley Anderson said.

Anderson's philosophy is if she doesn't have the passwords to it, her kids don't get to use it.

"It is invasive and it's my job as a parent to be invasive," she said.

Anderson added that because she actively monitors her kids, she doesn't have to worry about them being involved in an incident like the one her son's classmate was in that resulted in an arrest.

"There are certain times when I want my privacy but at the same time there's nothing bad," Shelley's son Joshua said.

Spokane Valley teen arrested for making death threats

Spokane Valley teen arrested for making death threats

Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputies arrested a 16-year-old girl for threatening to kill multiple students online on Sunday.

Deputies received a report that the teen was threatening to bring a gun to Barker High School and kill one or more students on Monday. Upon further investigation, deputies discovered the girl was making similar threats directed at a second student who attends Shadle Park High School. These threats were being made through Facebook.

University High School Resource Deputy Jeff Duncan and Central Valley Resource Officer Trevor Jones interviewed two potential victims, collected the Facebook evidence, and contacted the suspect.

After an interview with the teen, Deputy Duncan placed her under arrest for two counts of Felony Harassment - Threat to Kill. She was booked in Juvenile Detention on Sunday afternoon.

Substitute teacher arrested after losing control at school

Substitute teacher arrested after losing control at school

A substitute teacher at Trent Elementary has been arrested after allegedly assaulting three students.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office arrested 46-year-old Matthew C. Deryan. At least three sixth grade students say the teacher verbally and physically assaulted them.

Sixth grade students at Trent Elementary came home Thursday with a note from the principal detailing what happened. The note said a substitute teacher "lost control" and "put his hands on one or more of our students."

Many of the students are upset about what happened, according to the note. A sixth grader who witnessed the incident said the teacher assigned the group an assignment and at some point afterward he locked the door and then hit a kid and punched another one.

The Spokane County sheriff's office charged Deryan with three counts of fourth-degree assault and three counts of unlawful imprisonment. The sheriff's office says more charges are expected as the investigation continues. There are allegations the teacher smelled of alcohol, used profanities and made physical contract with students.

Parents are invited to get tech savvy for their kids

Parents are invited to get tech savvy for their kids

This Thursday, Central Valley School District wants parents of elementary students to learn all about the technology and social media inundating their children's lives.  It is offering parents an opportunity to learn about cyberbullying, privacy and security, relationships and online communication, information literacy, digital footprint and reputation.

Charter school proposal receives support at public forum

Charter school proposal receives support at public forum

Charter schools for Washington State took a big step forward Monday at a public forum in Spokane.

One Spokane Valley private school made the pitch to become one of the state's first charter schools. It is among 18 others vying for that same privilege.

The audience at Monday night's forum was made up primarily of Pioneer School staff, parents and students. Students like Seth raved about his school and said he was never just "spoon-fed" information.

"There's a lot of hands-on things," Seth said, becoming emotional as he spoke about his school.

There was also a father who said he turned down a job in New York only because he didn't want to take his daughters away from Pioneer.

"Pioneer is that comfortable place for them that they can enjoy," he said.

The beloved private school could become one of Washington's first charter schools, thus collecting state dollars and allowing more students in.

"The best way to think of a charter is that it's simply got more flexibility to innovate and we're actually expecting to perform better and do better by your kids," Steve Sundquist said.